2007-2008 Academic Catalog

Degree Programs

Welding and Materials Technology

College of Rural and Community Development
Tanana Valley Campus
(907) 455-2800

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Welding is an important industrial skill with applications in agriculture, mining, transportation, aviation, oil and gas, and construction. Training ranges from welding basics to advanced pipe and metal plate fabrication.

Classes are small to offer hands-on training and maximum interaction between the student and instructor. Students may request credit by examination for any WMT class. Advanced students may work toward American Welding Society certification or pursue advanced projects. Contact the department for details.

The follow courses are part of the welding and materials technology program:

  • WMT 101--Introduction to Welding--3 credits
  • WMT 102--Intermediate Welding--3 credits
  • WMT 103--Welding I--3 credits
  • WMT 105--Welding II--3 credits
  • WMT 106--Heat Treating/Metal Finishing/Knife Making  I--3 credits
  • WMT 117--Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting--3 credits
  • WMT 130--Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)  I--3 credits
  • WMT 150--Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)  I--3 credits
  • WMT 160--Gas Metal Arc Weld Alum (GMAW)  I--3 credits
  • WMT 170--Military Training Welding I--3 credits
  • WMT 206--Heat Treating/Metal Finishing/Knife Making II--3 credits
  • WMT 210--Uphill Pipe Welding--3 credits
  • WMT 241--Gas Tungsten Arc and Gas Metal Arc Welding--3 credits
  • WMT 270--Military Training Welding II--3 credits
  • WMT 280--Military Training Welding III--3 credits
  • WMT 290--Welding Proficiency Maintenance--3 credits