2007-2008 Academic Catalog

Degree Programs

Renewable Resources

College of Rural and Community Development
Rural and Economic Development Division
Fairbanks Campus (907) 474-6433
Bristol Bay Campus (800) 478-5109 or (907) 842-5109
Chukchi Campus (907) 442-3400
Interior-Aleutians Campus (907) 474-6433
Kuskokwim Campus (907) 543-4582
Northwest Campus (907) 443-2201

A.A.S. Degree

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 60 Credits

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The renewable resources degree program is offered by the College of Rural and Community Development on the Fairbanks campus and through rural campuses. Students interested in the degree should first contact a faculty advisor at the Bristol Bay Campus (toll free number above) to discuss program content, requirements and expectations. This two-year A.A.S. degree program helps students gain employment with state, federal or tribal resource management agencies, Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) corporations or other entities. For those already employed in this field, this program provides an opportunity to improve job skills.

Major--A.A.S. Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the A.A.S. degree requirements (As part of the A.A.S. degree requirements, complete MATH 103X or MATH 107X, CHEM 103X or CHEM 105X.)
  3. Complete the following program (major) requirements:*
    1. Complete the following:
      ECON 235--Introduction to Natural Resource Economics--3 credits
      NRM 101--Natural Resources Conservation and Policy--3 credits
      NRM 204--Public Lands Law and Policy--3 credits
      RD 255--Rural Alaska Land Issues--3 credits
      RD 280--Resource Management Research Techniques--3 credits
    2. Complete one course from each of the following groups:
      Group 1
           BIOL 104--Natural History of Alaska--3 credits
           BIOL 104X--Natural History of Alaska--4 credits
           BIOL 105X--Fundamentals of Biology I--4 credits
      Group 2
           GEOG 205--Elements of Physical Geography--3 credits
           GEOG 205X--Elements of Physical Geography--4 credits
           GEOS 100X--Introduction to Earth Science--4 credits
           NRM 380W--Soils and the Environment--3 credits
      Group 3
           NRM 102--Practicum in Natural Resources Management   1--2 credits
           WLF 304--Wildlife Internships  1-3 credits
    3. Complete the following:
      CIOS 100--Introduction to Personal Computers (1)
            and CIOS 111--Computer Software for Beginners (2)
            or CIOS 150--Computer Business Applications (3)--3 credits
      FISH 101--Introduction to Fisheries (3)
            and WLF 101--Survey of Wildlife Science (1)
            or ABUS 223--Real Estate Law (3)
            and RD 256--Co-Management of Renewable Resources (3)
            or BIOL 271--Principles of Ecology (4)
            and WLF 201--Wildlife Management Principles (3) 4--7 credits
    4. Complete 9-14 credits from the following courses:
      ANS 310--The Alaska Native Lands Settlement--3 credits
      ANTH 242--Native Cultures of Alaska--3 credits
      BIOL 106X--Fundamentals of Biology II--4 credits
      BIOL 150--Introduction to Marine Biology--3 credits
      BIOL 239--Introduction to Plant Biology--4 credits
      BIOL 271--Principles of Ecology--4 credits
      CE 112--Elementary Surveying--3 credits
      EMS 152--Emergency Trauma Training First Responder--3 credits
      ENGL 314W,O/2--Technical Writing--3 credits
      FISH 101--Introduction to Fisheries--3 credits
      MIN 101--Minerals, Man and the Environment--3 credits
      NRM 251--Silvics and Dendrology--4 credits
      NRM 304O--Perspectives in Natural Resources Management--3 credits
      NRM 340--Natural Resources Measurement and Inventory--3 credits
      RD 265--Perspectives on Subsistence in Alaska--3 credits
      RD 492--Rural Development Leadership Seminar--3 credits
      STAT 200X--Elementary Probability and Statistics--3 credits
      WLF 101--Survey of Wildlife Science--1 credits
      WLF 201--Wildlife Management Principles--3 credits
      WLF 303W--Wildlife Management Techniques--3 credits
      Or other advisor approved renewable resource related electives 9--14 credits
  4. Minimum credits required--60 credits

* Student must earn a C grade or better in each course.
Note: Prerequisites required for many courses.