2007-2008 Academic Catalog

Degree Programs


College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
(907) 474-7332

B.A., B.S., M.A.T., M.S., Ph.D. Degrees

Minimum Requirements for Degrees: 120 credits

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The number of new fields in which professional mathematicians find employment grows continually. This department prepares students for careers in industry, government and education.

In addition to the major programs, the department provides a number of service courses in support of other programs within the university. Current and detailed information on mathematics degrees and course offerings is available from the department.

The department maintains a math lab which is available for assistance to all students studying mathematics at the baccalaureate level.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics also offers programs in statistics (see separate listings).

Major--B.A. or B.S. Degree

  1. Complete the following pre-major requirement:
    1. Students must be ready to matriculate into MATH 200X before they will be allowed to declare mathematics as their major.
  2. Complete the general university requirements.
  3. Complete the B.A. or B.S. degree requirements. (As part of the B.S. degree requirements, complete PHYS 103X and PHYS 104X, or PHYS 211X and PHYS 212X.)
  4. Complete the following program (major) requirements:*
    MATH 200X--Calculus**--4 credits
    MATH 201X--Calculus**--4 credits
    MATH 202X--Calculus--4 credits
    MATH 215--Introduction to Mathematical Proofs--2 credits
    MATH 314--Linear Algebra--3 credits
    MATH 401W--Advanced Calculus--3 credits
    MATH 405W--Abstract Algebra--3 credits
    MATH 490O--Senior Seminar--1 credits
  5. Complete 21 additional credits of electives.* Acceptable elective courses include any MATH course at the 300-level or above, any STAT course at the 300-level or above, and CS 201. At least 15 credits must be MATH courses. [For exceptions see below.***] The following are some suggest elective packages:
    1. Pure math electives:
      MATH 305--Geometry--3 credits
      MATH 307--Discrete Mathematics--3 credits
      MATH 402--Advanced Calculus--3 credits
      MATH 404--Topology--3 credits
      Additional elective credits--9 credits
    2. Applied math electives:
      MATH 302--Differential Equations--3 credits
      MATH 421--Applied Analysis--4 credits
      MATH 422--Introduction to Complex Analysis--3 credits
      MATH 460--Mathematical Modeling--3 credits
      Complete two of the following:
      MATH 307--Discrete Mathematics--3 credits
      MATH 310--Numerical Analysis--3 credits
      MATH 402--Advanced Calculus--3 credits
      STAT 300--Statistics--3 credits
      Additional elective credits--3 credits
    3. Requirements for mathematics teachers (grades 7 - 12):****
      CS 201--Computer Science I--3 credits
      MATH 305--Geometry--3 credits
      MATH 306--Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Mathematics--3 credits
      STAT 300--Statistics (3)      or MATH 371--Probability and MATH 408--Mathematical Statistics (6)--3-6 credits
      Two courses chosen from:
      MATH 302--Differential Equations (3)
      MATH 307--Discrete Mathematics (3)
      MATH 310--Numerical Analysis (3)
      MATH 460--Mathematical modeling (3)--6 credits
      Additional elective credits--3 credits
    4. Statistics concentration electives:
      MATH 371--Probability--3 credits
      MATH 408--Mathematical Statistics--3 credits
      MATH 460--Mathematical Modeling--3 credits
      STAT 300--Statistics--3 credits
      STAT 401--Regression and Analysis of Variance--4 credits
      Additional elective credits--6 credits
  6. Minimum credits required--120 credits

* Student must earn a C grade or better in each course.
** Satisfies core or B.A. or B.S. degree requirements.
*** In some cases, courses with strong mathematical content from other disciplines may be used as electives. Such an elective package must be approved by an advisor in the math or statistics department. The requirement that at least 15 credits be math courses still applies.
****We strongly recommend that prospective secondary science teachers seek advising from the UAF School of Education early in your undergraduate degree program, so that you can be appropriately advised of the state of Alaska requirements for teacher licensure. You will apply for admission to the UAF School of Education’s post-baccalaureate teacher preparation program, a one-year intensive program, during your senior year.
Note: All mathematics majors--including double majors--must have an advisor from the mathematical sciences department.
Note: In addition to meeting all the general requirements for the specific degree, certain mathematics courses are required of all mathematics majors. (At least 12 approved mathematics credits at the 300-level or above must be taken while in residence on the Fairbanks campus.) All electives must be approved by the department.


  1. Complete the following:
    Math 200X--Calculus--4 credits
    Math 201X--Calculus--4 credits
    Math 202X--Calculus--4 credits
    At least 9 additional credits from MATH 215, STAT 300, any 300- or 400-level MATH course; or electives approved by mathematics advisor--9 credits
  2. Minimum credits required--21 credits

Note: Courses completed to satisfy this minor can be used to simultaneously satisfy other major or general distribution requirements.