2007-2008 Academic Catalog

Degree Programs

Film Studies

College of Liberal Arts
Department of Theatre
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Minor only

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The interdisciplinary film studies program combines courses in theatre, English and journalism to give students a broad understanding of the role of film and video in modern society. Independent study courses are available, and students can tailor their program to meet particular needs and career objectives.


  1. Complete the following:
    THR/FLM 271--Let’s Make a Movie--2 credits
    THR/FLM 272--Let’s Make a Movie Post-Production--1 credits
    THR/FLM 332--Directing Film/Video--3 credits
    THR/FLM 334W--Movies and Films--3 credits
  2. Complete a minimum of 9 credits from:
    T HR 121--Fundamentals of Acting--3 credits
    THR/FLM 215--Dramatic Literature--3 credits
    ENGL/FLM 217--Introduction to the Study of Film--3 credits
    JRN/FLM 105--History of the Cinema--3 credits
    THR 325--Acting for the Camera--3 credits
    THR 347O--Lighting Design--3 credits
    THR 348--Sound Design in the Entertainment Industry--3 credits
    THR/FLM 470--Advanced Film and Video Directing--3 credits
  3. Minimum credits required--18 credits