General Studies

Students who haven't declared a major or haven't decided which major to pursue are considered general studies students. General studies students usually take courses required for the university core curriculum. Many of these courses are the same for all majors and allow you to make progress toward completing degree requirements, while at the same time investigating subject areas that may help you choose a major or career. General studies students work with advisors in the Academic Advising Center who encourage exploring, selecting and committing to an appropriate major. All degree-seeking students eventually must declare a major--there's no degree program associated with general studies. To declare a major, simply complete a change of major form available from the Registrar's Office or online at the registrar website. Regardless of when you submit the form, your new major becomes effective the beginning of the upcoming fall or spring semester.

The assistant provost for general studies oversees academic assistance and actions concerning general studies students. For more information about general studies, contact the Academic Advising Center, (907) 474-6396 or toll-free at 1-888-823-8780; Office of Admissions, (907) 474-7500 or 1-800-478-1823; or contact the assistant provost's office at (907) 474-6634.


Students admitted as pre-major students will generally work with advisors in the Academic Advising Center, but it is helpful to also contact the department of your intended major. Because not all requirements for immediate admittance to a baccalaureate degree will have been met, pre-major students will work with an advisor to determine the best selection of courses to pursue. Once you have completed 14 credits at the 100-level or above with a C grade average (2.0) or better, of which 9 credits must satisfy general baccalaureate or core requirements, you can reapply for the specific four-year degree program. Academic assistance and actions are processed the same as for general studies students.