Center for Global Change and Arctic System Research • (907) 474-5818

The Center for Global Change and Arctic System Research is a focal point for interdisciplinary research and education related to the Arctic and global environmental change.

Created in 1990, the center concentrates on environmental research in the Arctic, including the interactions between environmental change, people and ecosystems. While climate is one component of the center's activity, the emphasis is on climate impacts and interactions with other parts of the arctic system.

Global change and arctic system research encompasses the physical, biological and social sciences and their interactions. Topics include ocean and atmospheric circulation patterns; terrestrial ecosystems, including tundra and boreal forest; natural resources such as forests and fisheries; sea ice; glaciers; permafrost; freshwater resources; paleoenvironments; and socio-economic aspects of global change. Researchers use several techniques to integrate these interdisciplinary studies: regional impact assessments through field studies, modeling, satellite remote sensing and analysis and synthesis of data.

The Center for Global Change and Arctic System Research facilitates collaborative research by faculty and students in environmental science and earth system studies. It funds research projects, sponsors annual competitions and outreach activities on climate change, and brings visiting speakers to UAF.

The center also supports collaborative research through external funding mechanisms such as NOAA funds to the Cooperative Institute for Arctic Research; National Science Foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and international funds for arctic climate assessments; and National Science Foundation funds for the Human Dimensions of the Arctic System project management office.

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