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B.A. Degree

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 126 or 127 credits

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This program provides the necessary preparation for early childhood educators who wish to advance their professional knowledge and career opportunities with specialized study in curriculum, administration or family support. A strong desire to work in an early care and education setting with children and their families is important.

Students who have completed the A.A.S. in early childhood education program will have completed the first part of the B.A. program, although completion of the A.A.S. degree is not a requirement for entry to this program. Students majoring in this program must work closely with their advisors and be willing to work collaboratively within their concentration to fulfill the practicum components of the course of study.

This program is available through flexible course delivery methods to early childhood educators living in both rural and urban Alaska. Graduates are highly competitive candidates for positions of greater responsibility and compensation in the early care and education profession in Alaska.

Major--B.A. Degree

Concentrations: Administration, Curriculum and Teaching, Family Support

  1. Complete the general university requirements. (As part of the core curriculum requirements, BIOL 104X and GEOS 100X or GEOS 120X or GEOG 205X are recommended. LING 303W, O is recommended to fulfill one of the writing and oral intensive course requirements.)
  2. Complete the B.A. degree requirements. (As part of the B.A. social science degree requirements, complete: PSY 101, SOC 350W, ASLG 101 and ANS 330 are recommended to meet the B.A. humanities degree requirements. Remaining course requirements should be chosen in consultation with your advisor.)
  3. Complete the following program (major) requirements:*
    1. ECE 101--Overview of the Profession--3 credits
      ECE 110--Safe Healthy Learning Environments--3 credits
      ECE 111--Nutrition--1 credit
      ECE 130--Culture, Learning and the Young Child--2 credits
      ECE 210--Child Guidance--3 credits
      ECE 230--Introduction to Children with Special Needs--3 credits
           or ECE 240--Inclusion of Children with Special Needs--3 credits
      ECE 245--Child Development--3 credits
      ECE 3420--Family Relationships--3 credits
      ECE 445W--Adolescence through the Lifespan--3 credits
      ECE 470--Advanced Practicum-- 3
    2. Complete 6 credits from your chosen specialization, below.
      ECE 340--Financial Management--3 credits
      ECE 341--Personnel Management-- 3
      Curriculum and Teaching
      ECE 310--Constructivist Curriculum-- .3
      ECE 360--Assessment in Early Childhood-- 3
      Family Support
      ECE 301--Parents as Partners in Education-- 3
      ECE 442--Family Resource Management--3 credits
  4. Complete one of the following specialized areas:*
    1. Complete the following 15 credits:
      CIOS 150--Computer Business Applications-- 3
      ENGL 212--Business, Grant and Report Writing-- 3
      BA S301--Principles of Management (UAS)--3 credits
      BA S343--Principles of Marketing (UAS)--3 credits
      BA S490--Political and Social Environment of Business (UAS)--3 credits
      Note: This specialization is offered in collaboration with the University of Alaska Southeast. For course descriptions of UAS courses see current University of Alaska Southeast catalog. These courses are available by distance delivery.
    2. Minimum credits required--126
    Curriculum and Teaching
    1. Complete the following 15 credits:
      ECE 121--Physical Activities--1 credit
      ECE 140--Social Development--3 credits
      ECE 220--Infants and Toddlers--3 credits
      ECE 420W--Developing Literacy in the Early Years--3 credits
      ECE 430--Fine Arts in the Early Years--3 credits
      ECE 440--Exploring Math and Science in the Early Years--3 credits
    2. Minimum credits required--127
    Family Support
    1. Complete the following 15 credits:
      ECE 132--Young Child and the Family--1 credit
      HUMS 265--Substance Abuse and the Family--2 credits
      SOC 242--The Family: A Cross Cultural Perspective--3 credits
      SWK 350W--Women's Issues in Social Welfare and Social Work Practice--3 credits
      SWK 360--Child Abuse and Neglect--3 credits
      ANTH 407--Kinship and Social Organization--3 credits
    2. Minimum credits required-- 126

*Student must earn a C grade or better in each course.