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Women's Studies

WMS 201  3 Credits
Introduction to Women's Studies (s)
An interdisciplinary introduction to the field of women's studies, exploring its development, subject matter and methodology. Readings of studies which have become classic examples of the importance of gender in research in many disciplines is examined. Also available via Independent Learning. (3 + 0) Offered Fall

WMS 202  3 Credits
History of Women in America (s)
(Cross-listed with HIST 202)
A chronological approach to the history of women in America. Introduction to major issues of concern to historians of women, as well as different approaches utilized in analysis of women's past; consideration of multiracial backgrounds of American women. (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Fall

WMS 308W,O  3 Credits
Language and Gender (s)
(Cross-listed with ANTH 308W,O and LING 308W,O)
Examination of relationships between language and gender, drawing on both ethnographic and linguistic sources. Topics include power, socialization and sexism. (Prerequisites: ENGL 111X; ENGL 211X or ENGL 213X or permission of instructor; COMM 131X or 141X.) (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Fall

WMS 320  3 Credits
Sociology of Gender (s)
(Cross-listed with SOC 320)
Comprehensive survey of sociological inquiry and feminist revisions for studying gender in U.S. society and culture. Interrogates the meanings of gender, and the interactional, cultural, organizational and institutional arrangements that underlie the social construction of gender and gender inequality. (Prerequisite: One lower-division social science course, WMS 201, or permission of instructor.) (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Spring

WMS 325  3 Credits
The History of Sexuality (s)
(Cross-listed with HIST 325)
The history of sexuality from a worldwide comparative perspective. We will consider theories and debates about the history of sexuality and then focus on the history of sexuality in selected times and places, with an emphasis on the modern period. (Prerequisites: HIST 100X; ENGL 211X or 213X.) (3 + 0) Offered Summer

WMS 331W  3 Credits
Women's Voices in Japanese Literature (h)
(Cross-listed with JPN 331W)
A close reading of selected novels, short stories, poems and diaries by Japanese women from the tenth century to the present which reveal the personal, social, aesthetic and intellectual concerns of women in different periods of Japanese history. Focus on the changing role of women in Japanese society, the role of women writers as social critics, and cross-cultural differences and similarities in women's issues. (Prerequisites: ENGL 111X; ENGL 211X or 213X; ENGL/FL 200X. Recommended: HIST 121, 122 or 331.) (3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

WMS 332  3 Credits
Human Sexualities Across Cultures (s)
(Cross-listed with SOC 333 and PSY 333)
Exploration of how people in a variety of cultures, both contemporary and historical, construct the meaning and experience of sexuality, and express themselves as sexual beings. Interdisciplinary study includes psychology, sociology, anthropology, gender studies and related fields, with the particular focus determined by which department is offering the course. Also available via Independent Learning. (Prerequisite: Junior standing.) (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Fall

WMS 333  3 Credits
Women's Literature (h)
(Cross-listed with ENGL 333)
Reading, discussing and analyzing literary works dealing with the social, cultural and political implications of patriarchal structures and traditions from the perspective of feminist theory and criticism. Focus may be on a particular theme, period, or genre, but readings will include both primary and secondary texts. (Prerequisite: ENGL 111X; ENGL 211X recommended.) (3 + 0) Offered Fall

WMS 335W  3 Credits
Gender and Crime
(Cross-listed with JUST 335W)
An exploration of gender and crime including the extent of female crime, victimization, masculinities and violence, and women professionals in the justice system. (Prerequisites: ENGL 111X, ENGL 211X or ENGL 213X, JUST 110, and junior standing.) (3 + 0) Offered Spring

WMS 340  3 Credits
Women and Politics (s)
(Cross-listed with PS 340)
In-depth examination of the relevance of gender in political thought and action. Topics vary and may include: historical perspective of political ideas on the nature and status of women; women's involvement in national and/or international political movements and organizations; feminist approaches to the social sciences; feminism as a political ideology. (Prerequisite: One political science course or permission of instructor; Recommended: WMS 201. Next offered: 2006-07.) (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Spring

WMS 348W  3 Credits
Native North American Women (s)
(Cross-listed with ANS 348W)
Interdisciplinary examination of the relationship between Native American women and their own social settings and cross-cultural experiences. Includes issues of political, economic and social solutions as employed by women in a large multi-ethnic nation-state. (Prerequisites: ANS 101; ANTH 100X; ENGL 111X; ENGL 211X or ENGL 213X; SOC 100X; or permission of instructor.) (3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

WMS 350W  3 Credits
Women's Issues in Social Welfare and Social Work Practice (s)
(Cross-listed with SWK 350W)
Examination of theories and research concerning women's issues in the field of social work and in the social welfare system, with particular emphasis on women in poverty and women of color. Contemporary policy issues and strategies of empowerment will be covered. (Prerequisites: ENGL 111X; ENGL 211X or ENGL 213X; SWK 103 or SOC 100X; or permission of instructor. Next offered: 2006-07.) (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Fall

WMS 351  3 Credits
Gender and Communication (s)
(Cross-listed with COMM 351)
Basic socialization differences exist in the communication practices of women and men in every culture, resulting in differing cultural constructions of male and female gender. Those differences are addressed in interpersonal, organizational and cultural contexts. Explores cultural female/male dichotomy as well as individual similarities. (Prerequisite: Any lower-division communication course or permission of instructor. Next offered: 2006-07.) (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Fall

WMS 360O  3 Credits
Psychology of Women Across Cultures (s)
(Cross-listed with PSY 360O)
Major theories, research and empirical data which describes the psychology of women as a discrete field, philosophical values of feminism and history of women's roles in society. The impact of culture on women interpersonally and intrapsychically examined across cultures. (Prerequisite: COMM 131X or 141X; PSY 101; or permission of instructor. Next offered: 2006-07.) (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Spring

WMS 362  3 Credits
Feminist Philosophy (h)
(Cross-listed with PHIL 362)
Examination of contemporary feminist philosophical positions. Emphasis on feminist ethics, social and political philosophy, and epistemology. (3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

WMS 380O  3 Credits
Women, Minorities and the Media (h)
(Cross-listed with JRN 380O)
Examination of how women and minorities are portrayed in the mass media, the employment of women and minorities in the media, as well as how accurately the media reflects our society demographically. Presented from a feminist, multi-culturalist perspective using a broad feminist analysis encompassing issues of gender as well as class, race, age and sexual orientation. (Prerequisites: COMM 131X or 141X; and junior standing.) (3 + 0) Offered Fall

WMS 410  3 Credits
Women in Music History (h)
(Cross-listed with MUS 410)
Lives and works of female musicians, composers and performers will be traced from the earliest days of the ancient and mythological through the medieval, Baroque Classical and Romantic periods with special emphasis on composers of the 20th century. (Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of instructor.) (3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

WMS 414  3 Credits
Women and Gender in East Asian History (s)
(Cross-listed with HIST 414)
An in-depth seminar on the history of East Asia, with a special emphasis on the experiences of women and on the issue of gender. This seminar will focus on the modern period and on China and Japan especially, though other regions of East Asia may also be considered. (Prerequisites: HIST 100X; ENGL 211X or 213X or permission of instructor. Recommended: HIST 275 and/or HIST 122.) (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Spring

WMS 424  3 Credits
Topics in Women's History (s)
(Cross-listed with HIST 424)
An in-depth seminar on a specific topic of current interest. Topics may change and may cover the history of European or American women from the 18th century to the present. Course may be repeated for credit when content varies. (Prerequisites: A lower-division history course and junior standing or permission of instructor. Next offered: 2006-07.) (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Spring

WMS 440  3 Credits
Gender and Education (s)
(Stacked with ED 640 and cross-listed with ED 440)
Educational practices and processes and their relation to the changing situation of women in society. Examination of schools as sites of pervasive gender socialization and discrimination as well as offering new possibilities for liberation. Topics include social construction of gender; patterns of access and achievements; gender as an organizing principle in schools and classrooms; and feminist agendas and strategies for change. (Prerequisite: ED 201 or permission of instructor. Next offered: 2007-08.) (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Spring

WMS 445  3 Credits
Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective (s)
(Stacked with ANTH 645 and Cross-listed with ANTH 445)
Gender as both cultural construction and social relationship is examined through readings in comparative ethnographies portraying gender roles in a broad variety of societies, from hunter-gatherer to industrial. New theoretical and methodological approaches in anthropology for exploring and understanding women's and men's experiences in their cultural variety are presented. (Prerequisite: ANTH 215 or WMS 201 or permission of instructor.) (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Spring

WMS 460  3 Credits
Women, Gender and Development (s)
(Cross-listed with RD 460)
Explores interrelationships over time of women, gender roles and 'development' in the dynamic global economy, including issues in Alaska and the circumpolar north. Examines the historical marginalization of women in development processes, special issues affecting women in indigenous communities, and changing socio-economic and cultural gender roles of women and men in community development. Examines life histories of women that illustrate emerging principles and strategies for individual and community empowerment. (3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants