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Safety, Health, and Environmental Awareness

Students enrolled in one or more safety, health and environmental technology courses will be assessed $75 each semester to cover the cost of utilizing upgraded state-of-the-art equipment with instructional aids that will allow them to train on the equipment they will be expected to use in the workplace.

OSH 108  4 Credits
Injury Prevention and Risk Management
Identifies safety, health management and incident prevention in the workplace. It also emphasizes on materials' handling, electrical and machine safety, first response to fire and medical emergencies, safety and health hazards, and accident prevention. (3 + 2) Offered Fall

OSH 110  4 Credits
Program Assessments, Development and Implementation
Examines the role of safety program in the workplace. Emphasizes program assessment, design, development, implementation and evaluation of safety programs. (Prerequisites: OSH 108 or permission of Program Chair) (4 + 0) Offered Fall

OSH 120  2 Credits
Safety Program Management and Recordkeeping
Discuss the role of safety in the business community. Emphasizes philosophy of safety and health efforts by management. Examines the role of the safety manager and the types of and need for accurate recordkeeping. (Prerequisites: OSH 110) (2 + 0) Offered Spring

OSH 180  4 Credits
Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
Identifies acute and chronic health effects of exposures to chemical, physical, and biological agents in the workplace. Emphasizes types of exposures and biological effects, exposure guidelines, and basic workplace monitoring. (Prerequisite: PRT 110) (3 + 2) Offered Spring

OSH 201  4 Credits
Workplace Injury and Incident Evaluations
Assesses and evaluates workplace hazards. Investigates worker complaints and actual health and safety incidents. Includes practical applications and basic accident investigation case studies. (Prerequisite: OSH 108) (4 + 0) Offered Spring

OSH 250  3 Credits
Hazardous Material Operation
Identifies the policies, procedures and equipment needed to deal with hazardous materials. Emphasizes the types of hazards, planning, organization, and training needed to work safely with hazardous materials. (Prerequisite: OSH 180) (2 + 2) Offered Spring