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HUM 101  3 Credits
The Humanities: A Cultural Perspective (h)
Examination of humanities using a non-Yup'ik culture and the Yup'ik culture as bases. Introduction of fundamental principles of Yup'ik and non-Yup'ik performing and visual arts, ideas and cultural developments that have stirred and enriched civilization, and aspects of Yup'ik and non-Yup'ik culture to help students develop greater awareness of forces that affect them. Offered only at the Kuskokwim campus. (3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

HUM 201X  3 Credits
Unity in the Arts (h)
Concentration on the interdependence of the visual arts, the performing arts and literature, as set against a specific social, political and cultural background of selected eras. (Prerequisite: Open to students beyond the freshman level or by permission of instructor.) (3 + 0) Offered Fall, Spring

HUM 332  3 Credits
Varieties of Visual Expression: Art as Image and Idea (h)
Discussion of the visual elements of art, principles of visual organization, the process of artistic perception and its evaluation by the viewer. (Prerequisite: 3 credits in the visual arts or permission of instructor. Next offered: 2006-07.) (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Spring

HUM 469W  3 Credits
Architecture: Art, Design, Technology and Social Impact (h)
(Cross-listed with ART 469W)
Concepts of environmental, urban and industrial design. Relationship of human and natural environment is stressed in this history of architecture with special attention given to contemporary conditions in urban areas and effects of industrialization and mechanization on human living and working spaces, artistic design and aesthetics. (Prerequisites: ART 261 and 262 or HUM 201; ENGL 111X and ENGL 211X or ENGL 213X or permission of instructor. Next offered: 2006-07.) (3 + 0) Offered Alternate Fall

HUM 492  3 Credits
Senior Seminar (h)
Consideration of the humanities at the University of Alaska and on alternate approaches elsewhere. Student project paper required with oral presentation and defense. (Prerequisite: Open requirements, or by permission of instructor. Next offered 2006-07.) (3 + 0)
Offered Alternate Spring