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Electronics Technology

ELT 101  4 Credits
Basic Electronics: DC Physics
Basic terms and units. Use of test equipment, hand tools and techniques of soldering. Ohm's law, fundamentals of magnetism, DC circuit analysis, inductance and capacitance in DC circuits. (3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

ELT 102  4 Credits
Basic Electronics: AC Physics
Principles of alternating current, vectors, phase relationships, inductive and capacitive reactance, and impedance. AC circuit analysis, series and parallel resonant circuits. Transformers, network analysis. Laboratory fee: $50. (3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

ELT 111  1-3 Credits
Amateur Radio Licensing
Overview of amateur radio. Code and radio theory provided for the Novice and General Amateur License Examination. Community emergency communications, net operations, repeaters and public classroom applications for those already licensed. (1-3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

ELT 171  3 Credits
National Electric Code Study
Systematic study of the National Electric Code and rules governing minimum requirements for installation of electrical services, feeders and branch circuits and requirements for construction and installation of electrical equipment. (Prerequisites: ELT 102 or instructor permission and DEVM 105 or PRT 155 are recommended) (3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

ELT 246  3 Credits
Electronic Industrial Instrumentation
Explains the methods of analog electronic signal transmission. In addition, discusses the details of several actual pieces of equipment in-depth, providing practice in establishing correct interconnections. Basic concepts used in troubleshooting this type of equipment are also introduced. (Prerequisite: ELT 102 or permission of instructor. Recommended: DEVM 105 or PRT 155.) (3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants