Business Administration

School of Management
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B.B.A., M.B.A. Degrees

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 30 credits

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The School of Management offers professional education applicable to the fields of management, finance, human resource management, international business, marketing and travel industry management to individuals interested in entering industry or government.

The program prepares graduates to meet the complex problems of the technical, economic and social environment and to enable them to provide imaginative and responsible leadership to industry and government.

The UAF program recognizes that competence in the practice of management necessitates education in both breadth and depth. The graduate program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Graduate Program--M.B.A. Degree

Concentrations: Capital Markets, General Management

  1. Complete the admission process including the following:
    1. Submit results from the GMAT.
  2. Complete the general university requirements.
  3. Complete the master's degree requirements.
  4. If a student earns grades of two Cs, one D, or one F in courses that are part of his/her M.B.A. program, the student will no longer be in good standing in the M.B.A. program even if his/her cumulative GPA remains at or above 3.0. M.B.A. Students who are not in good standing will be subject to review and may be dismissed by the M.B.A. committee. Students may not use more than two 600-level courses with C grades on their Advancement to Candidacy application. An A or B grade must be earned in 400-level courses.
  5. Complete the following foundation courses if previous college work is not in business:
    ACCT 602--Accounting for Managers 3 credits
    BA 325--Financial Management 3 credits
    BA 330--The Legal Environment of Business 4 credits
    BA 343--Principles of Marketing 3 credits
    BA 360--Operations Management 3 credits
    BA 390--Organizational Theory and Behavior 3 credits
    STAT 200--Elementary Probability and Statistics 3 credits
  6. Complete the following advanced M.B.A. core courses after all foundation course requirements (part 4) are completed:
    BA 617--Organizational Theory for Managers 3 credits
    BA 643--Marketing Management 3 credits
    BA 675--Quantitative Methods for Managers 3 credits
    BA 680--Financial Markets and Strategy 3 credits
  7. Complete the following capstone course:
    BA 690--Corporate Strategy 3 credits
  8. Complete 1 of the following concentrations:*

    Capital Markets
    1. Complete 4 of the following:
      ACCT 605--Contemporary Topics in Accounting 3 credits
      BA 620--Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing 3 credits
      BA 630--Derivative Securities 3 credits
      BA 681--Fixed Income Securities and Markets 3 credits
      BA 682--Financial Statement Analysis 3 credits
    2. Complete 1 approved elective at the 400- or 600-level 3 credits
      Minimum credits required 30
    General Management
    1. Complete 4 of the following:
      ACCT 605--Contemporary Topics in Accounting 3 credits
      AIS 673--Technology Management 3 credits
      BA 607--Human Resources Management 3 credits
      BA 682--Financial Statements Analysis 3 credits
      BA 683--Advanced Topics in Marketing 3 credits
      BA 691--Advanced Topics in Business 3 credits
    2. Complete 1 approved elective at the 400- or 600-level 3 credits
    3. Minimum credits required 30

    * Both concentrations may be earned for degree; however, courses used in one concentration may not be used to meet requirements in the other concentration.