Asian Studies

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Minor only

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A minor in Asian studies provides interdisciplinary instruction in the varieties of Asian languages and cultures. It enables students to consolidate various course offerings into a meaningful and cohesive program relevant to several major fields of specialization.


  1. Complete 15 credits in approved Asian studies courses:*
    1. Department of Foreign Languages
      CHNS 101--Elementary Chinese I 5 credits
      CHNS 102--Elementary Chinese II 5 credits
      CHNS 201--Intermediate Chinese 4 credits
      CHNS 202--Intermediate Chinese II 4 credits
      JPN 101--Elementary Japanese I 5 credits
      JPN 102--Elementary Japanese II 5 credits
      JPN 201--Intermediate Japanese I 4 credits
      JPN 202--Intermediate Japanese II 4 credits
    2. Department of Geography
      GEOG 311W--Geography of Asia 3 credits
    3. Department of History
      HIST 121--East Asian Civilization 3 credits
      HIST 122--East Asian Civilization 3 credits
      HIST 330--Modern China 3 credits
      HIST 331--Modern Japan 3 credits
    4. Department of Philosophy
      PHIL 202--Introduction to Eastern Philosophy 3 credits
    5. Department of Political Science
      PS 464W--East Asian Governments and Politics 3 credits
  2. Minimum credits required 15

    * Courses must be distributed among at least 3 departments and include material on at least 2 Asian countries. Students are strongly encouraged to include a semester or more of Asian language.