Alaska Native Studies

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Department of Alaska Native Studies
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B.A. Degree

Minimum Requirements for Degree: B.A.: 130 credits

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Alaska Native Studies seeks to provide students with an awareness of the scope, richness and variety of Alaska Native cultures. It offers a series of critical perspectives on the contemporary Native experience in pluralistic North American society. The interdisciplinary academic program is built upon a combination of courses offered by the Alaska Native Studies program and other specialized disciplines.

The Alaska Native studies B.A. prepares students to appreciate historical and contemporary cultural dynamics. The department also welcomes students pursuing a second major or a minor. It encourages students who expect to be involved professionally in Alaska Native communities or other multicultural settings to pursue this degree.


Concentrations: General, Language

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the B.A. degree requirements.
  3. Complete the following program (major) requirements:*
    1. Complete the following:
      ANL 315--Alaska Native Languages: Eskimo-Aleut** (3)
      or ANL 316--Alaska Native Languages: Indian Languages** (3) 3 credits
      ANS/PS 325--Native Self-Government 3 credits
      ANS 347--Voices of Native American Peoples 3 credits
      ANS 401--Cultural Knowledge of Native Elders 3 credits
      ANS/ANTH 242--Native Cultures of Alaska 3 credits
      HIST 110--History of Alaska Natives (3)
      or ANS 101--Introduction to Alaska Native Studies (3) 3 credits
    2. Complete 1 of the following concentrations*:


      1. Complete the following:
        ANS/ENGL 340--Contemporary Native American Literature (3)
        or ANS/ENGL 349--Narrative Art of Alaska Native Peoples (in English Translation) (3) 3 credits
        ANS/PS 425--Federal Indian Law and Alaska Natives (3)
        or ANS/PS 450--Comparative Aboriginal Rights and Policies (3) 3 credits
      2. Complete 9 credits from the following (you may include courses not selected from courses above in general part 1):
        ANS 160--Alaska Native Dance 1 credit
        ANS/THR 161--Introduction to Alaska Native Performance 3 credits
        ANS 202X--Aesthetic Appreciation of Alaska Native Performance*** 3 credits
        ANS 250--Current Alaska Native Leadership Perspectives 3 credits
        ANS 251--Practicum in Native Cultural Expression 3 credits
        ANS 300W--Alaska Native Writers Workshop 3 credits
        ANS 310--The Alaska Native Lands Settlement 3 credits
        ANS/RD 315--Tribal People and Development 3 credits
        ANS 320W--Language and Culture: Application of Alaska 3 credits
        ANS 335--Native North Americans 3 credits
        ANS 348W--Native North American Women 3 credits
        ANS 350W,O--Cross Cultural Communication: Alaskan Perspectives 3 credits
        ANS 351--Practicum in Native Cultural Expression 3 credits
        ANS 360--Advanced Native Dance 1 credit
        ANS 361--Advanced Alaska Native Performance 3 credits
        ANS/ART 365--Native Art of Alaska 3 credits
        ANS 375--Native American Religion and Philosophy 3 credits
        ANS/ED 420--Alaska Native Education 3 credits
        ANS 475--Alaska Native Social Change 3 credits
        PS 263--Alaska Native Politics 3 credits
        RD 255--Rural Alaska Land Issues 3 credits
        SOC 308--Race and Ethnic Relations 3 credits
      3. Minimum credits required 130


      1. Complete the following:
        ANL 251--Introduction to Athabascan Linguistics (3)
        or LING 101--Nature of Language (3) 3 credits
        ANL 287--Teaching Methods for Alaska Native Languages 3 credits
        ANL 288--Curriculum and Materials Development for Alaska Native Languages 3 credits
        ANS/ANTH 320W--Language and Culture: Applications to Alaska 3 credits
        LING 450--Language Policy and Planning 3 credits
      2. Complete the following Language concentration requirement:
        Three years of 1 Alaska Native language or equivalent** 22 credits
      3. Minimum credits required 130

* Student must earn a C grade or better in each course.

** These courses may be used to fulfill the bachelor of arts requirements for a minor complex, or foreign/Alaska Native language option.

*** ANS 202X may not be counted toward an Alaska Native studies major if used to fulfill core requirements.

Note: ANL 255 may be substituted for ANL 315.

Note: ANL 256 may be substituted for ANL 316.


  1. Complete the following:
    ANS 300- or 400-level course 3 credits
    ANS 401--Cultural Knowledge of Native Elders 3 credits
    Alaska Native Studies electives 9
  2. Minimum credits required 15

* All minor programs must be approved by the department head of Alaska Native studies.