Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

The Core Curriculum

For a summary of the baccalaureate degree requirements see the baccalaureate degree requirements in brief chart. Undergraduate baccalaureate study at UAF is characterized by a common set of learning experiences known as the Core Curriculum. The core provides students with a shared foundation of skills and knowledge that, when combined with specialized study in the major and other specific degree requirements, prepares students to better meet the demands of life in the 21st century. Through the baccalaureate core experience, every UAF student is expected to achieve:

If you completed your bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, you will be considered to have completed the equivalent of the baccalaureate core when you have been officially accepted to an undergraduate degree program at UAF.

Course Classifications for the Baccalaureate Core

Courses that may be used to satisfy general baccalaureate core requirements have course numbers ending with "X.” For example, English 111X, Communication 141X and other "X” courses meet specific core requirements. See the requirements for the baccalaureate core for a listing of other specific core courses. Courses meeting the upper-division writing intensive and oral communication intensive requirements for the baccalaureate core are identified in the course description of the catalog with the following designators:

O—oral communication intensive course
W—writing intensive course

Two courses designated "O/2” are required to complete the oral communication intensive requirement.

Baccalaureate Core

Courses used to meet a science or mathematics core requirement may also be used to satisfy the major and/or minor degree requirements. Other core courses may not be used to meet any other requirements for a degree.

Communication (9 credits)

Perspectives on the Human Condition (Humanities and social sciences) 18

Mathematics (3 credits)

Natural Sciences (8 credits)

Library and Information Research 0–1

Upper-Division Writing and Oral Communication (0 credits)

Total Credits Required 38–39