General Associate Degree Requirements

You must have at least 60 semester hours, including transfer credits, to earn a UAF associate degree.

At least 15 credits applicable to any associate degree must be UAF resident credits.

Associate of Arts Requirements

The associate of arts degree represents the completion of broad-based college study. This degree may serve as a starting point for your career or as a stepping-stone to a baccalaureate program. You may earn only one A.A. degree.

All credits for the A.A. degree must be at the 100-level or above with 20 credits at the 200-level or above, and be distributed as follows:

Communication (9 credits)

Mathematics or natural science (10 credits)

Humanities and social science (18 credits)

Library and information Research (0--1 credit)

Successful completion of the library skills competency test satisfies this requirement of the core curriculum, but does not carry degree credit. (It is strongly recommended that this requirement be completed before enrolling in the 200-level English course requirement or that it be completed concurrently with enrollment in the 200-level English core requirement.)

General electives (22--23 credits)

Electives to total 60

* ENGL 212 doesn't fulfill the second half of the written communication requirementfor the baccalaureate degree.

** No credit may be earned for more than one of MATH 107X or 161X.

Associate of Applied Science Requirements

Associate of applied science degrees are awarded in specific occupational fields with emphasis on entering the job market. This degree, usually seen as a terminal degree, can serve as the basis for additional education. For specific major requirements, see the Certificate and Associate Degree Programs section on page 81.

Note: Students planning to go on to a baccalaureate degree need to work closely with their advisors and are encouraged to select courses meeting core requirements and courses designated within majors and minors. Only courses with an "X" designator count towards the baccalaureate core.

All credits for the A.A.S. degree must be at the 100-level or above and be distributed as follows:

Communication (9 credits)

Oral Communication (3 credits)

Computation (3 credits)

Human Relations (3 credits)

Major specialty at least 30
Electives to total 60

* ENGL 212 doesn't fulfill the second half of the written communication requirement for the baccalaureate degree.

Majors Available for A.A.S. Degree

Applied Accounting
Applied Business
Apprenticeship Technology
Community Health
Culinary Arts
Dental Assistant
Early Childhood Education
Educator: Para-Professional
Emergency Services
Human Services
Information Technology Specialist
Interdisciplinary Studies
Maintenance Technology
Medical Assistant
Native Language Education
Office Management and
Paralegal Studies
Process Technology
Professional Piloting
Renewable Resources
Tribal Management
Yup'ik Language Proficiency