2003-2004 UAF Catalog

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Police and Fire Departments

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Police Department is committed to creating an environment at the university in which teaching, research and public service may flourish. With progressive, proactive and active community involvement, UAF Police provides for the protection of persons and property on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus. In addition to ordinary patrol, crime prevention and investigative duties, the department regularly presents outreach programs on topics of importance to the community, has an award-winning K9 program, a summer and winter bike patrol program, and also has one of the few officers in Alaska trained in the forensic recovery of computers. In 2000, the department was recognized for excellence by the prestigious Herman Goldstein Problem-Oriented Policing awards committee for a study and subsequent solution to alcohol-related problems on campus.

The University Fire Department provides fire, emergency medical service (EMS) and rescue services to the UAF campus as well as to the University Fire Service Area, which encompasses approximately a five-mile radius around the campus. The department is nationally recognized and is staffed full time with two stations, one on campus and one in the fire service area. The department has an active fire prevention division, which assists all UAF facilities in complying with code and the latest fire safety standards.

The University Emergency Dispatch Center dispatches both departments and is a regional 24-hour 911-communication center located in the UAF public safety building. All UAF Public Safety Departments also provide exceptional student employment and career opportunities for students who wish to make a difference as Community Service Officers who assist with campus security, Firefighter/EMTs, and Emergency Communication Dispatchers. Our students have gone on to agencies around Alaska and the nation as a result of their world-class public safety work experiences at UAF.

The emergency telephone for both police and fire is 911.

For more information telephone (907) 474-7721 or visit the departments' websites at www.uaf.edu/police/ or www.safetyservices.uaf.edu/fire.htm.