2003-2004 UAF Catalog

Degrees and Programs

Rural Human Services

College of Rural Alaska Interior-Aleutians Campus (907) 474-5440 Kuskokwim Campus (907) 543-4500 Northwest Campus (907) 443-5602 www.iac.uaf.edu/Rhs/


Minimum Requirements for Certificate: 34 Credits

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This one-year program facilitates development of strong and healthy rural Alaska Native individuals, families and communities. Developed for village-based human service providers preparing to be natural helpers/healers in their communities, the program provides entry-level training for village-based public, private and volunteer human service organizations.

Drawing extensively on resource people from the Native community, curriculum content and delivery reflects a strong multicultural orientation that validates, incorporates, and builds on Native values and principles.

Courses are offered through a series of four training sessions. Each session lasts three weeks. Students spend the time in intensive study at selected delivery sites. A practicum and electives round out the program.

Admission is open to all individuals employed by a regional Native health corporation or local entity providing delivery of village-based human services, or individuals recognized by their communities as natural helpers/healers. A high school diploma or GED and/or previous training or work experience in the delivery of village-based human services is recommended but not required.


Undergraduate Program


Rural Human Services -- Certificate

  1. Complete the certificate requirements. (As part of the certificate requirements, complete RHS 110 and 115.)
  2. Complete the following courses:
    RHS 120 -- Family Systems I* (2 credits)
    RHS 130 -- Processes of Community Change (2 credits)
    RHS 140 -- Alaska Native Values and Principles (1 credit)
    RHS 150 -- Introduction to Rural Counseling* (2 credits)
    RHS 220 -- Family Systems II* (2 credits)
    RHS 250 -- Rural Counseling II* (2 credits)
    RHS 260 -- Addictions: Intervention and Treatment* (2 credits)
    RHS 265 -- Interpersonal Violence* (2 credits)
    RHS 275 -- Introduction to Mental Health Recovery (2 credits)
    RHS 285 -- Case Management* (2 credits)
    RHS 287 -- Rural Human Services Practicum (4 credits)
    RHS 290 -- Grief and Healing* (2 credits)
  3. Minimum credits required (34 credits)

* The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certification Review Board has approved these courses toward certification or recertification of Substance Abuse Counselors in the state of Alaska.
Note: Students spend the time in intensive study at selected delivery sites.