2003-2004 UAF Catalog

Degrees and Programs

Environmental Politics

College of Liberal Arts
Department of Political Science
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Minor only

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This minor allows students to explore the local, national and international contexts within which key decisions about the environment are made. Courses examine philosophical and theoretical perspectives on the environment; ways in which different countries address issues of resource development and environmental regulations; international environmental laws, treaties and institutions; relationships between environmental protection and national security; relationships between politics and environmental science; and the effects of environmental concerns on the international political economy.

The minor may be used in conjunction with any B.A. degree program, including political science, or as an optional addition to any B.S. degree program. For further information contact the Political Science department.


Undergraduate Program


  1. Complete the following*:
    PS 101 -- Introduction to American Government and Politics (3 credits)
  2. Complete 12 elective political science credits from the following.
    PS 447 -- U.S. Environmental Politics (3 credits)
    PS 448 -- Environmental Politics of the Circumpolar North (3 credits)
    PS 454 -- International Law and the Environment (3 credits)
    PS 455 -- Political Economy of the Global Environment (3 credits)
    PS 456 -- Science, Technology and Politics (3 credits)
    PS 458 -- Comparative Environmental Politics (3 credits)
  3. Minimum credits required (15 credits)

* PS 100X is recommended to fulfill the political economy requirement of the core curriculum.