2002-2003 UAF Catalog


Applying for Admission

Course Placement

English and Mathematics

On the basis of test scores, you may be required to take developmental English and/or mathematics if your background appears to be deficient in either of these areas. These courses are designed to help you achieve competency necessary to succeed in college-level courses. Generally, you will be placed in ENGL 111X if your enhanced ACT (EACT) English score is 17 (or SAT Verbal score is 440) or above.

Mathematics course placement will vary according to the type of degree you are planning to pursue and the corresponding math course(s) needed. In general, you will be placed in MATH 107 if your enhanced ACT (EACT) math score is 23 and your sub-scores for pre-algebra/elementary algebra and intermediate algebra/coordinate geometry are both 13 or higher. Placement in MATH 131X or MATH 205 requires an EACT math score of 22 and a sub-score of 12 or higher for pre-algebra/elementary algebra. It is best to consult with your advisor or faculty in the English or math department(s) if you have questions regarding the appropriate course placement.

Foreign Language

You may enroll in the level of a language at which you are competent, based on your prior experience with the language. There is no foreign language placement test. If there are any questions about the appropriate level, you should contact the Foreign Languages Department.