2002-2003 UAF Catalog


Applying for Admission

How to Apply

You may request an application from the Office of Admissions, or apply on-line via the UAF web site at www.uaf.edu. The Office of Admissions must receive the following before your application will be considered:

1. Application for Admission

The Office of Admissions must receive your completed application, along with a $35 non-refundable application fee, prior to published application deadlines.

2. Transcripts

High school transcripts: All bachelor's degree applicants with fewer than 30 semester credit hours must submit high school transcripts. Applicants to certificate and associate degree programs are not required to submit high school transcripts, but are strongly encouraged to do so.

College transcripts: All bachelor's degree applicants who have attended a postsecondary institution must arrange for their official college or university transcripts to be sent to UAF. Applicants to certificate or associate degree programs are strongly encouraged submit official college or university transcripts. You must arrange for each college or university you've attended to send an official transcript to UAF. Transcripts cannot be accepted if you submit them yourself.

3. Test Results

Bachelor's degree applicants: Freshman and transfer applicants with fewer than 30 semester credit hours must submit the results of either the ACT or the SAT examinations. These test scores are used to determine your placement in English, mathematics and other freshman-level courses.

Certificate and associate degree applicants: Applicants with fewer than 30 semester credit hours who apply to a certificate or associate degree program requiring English or mathematics course work must submit the results of the SAT, ACT, ASSET or COMPASS test.

Contact the UAF Testing Office at (907) 474-5277 or your high school for information concerning the ACT, SAT, ASSET or COMPASS tests.

When to Apply

Freshmen and transfer applications for admission are due no later than the dates listed below.

  Fall Semester Spring Semester
Alaskan Freshmen August 1 December 1
Non-resident Freshmen April 1 December 1
All Transfer Students August 1 December 1

High school seniors should apply for admission during the first semester of their senior year, and provide a listing of coursework in progress. Transfer students should apply four to six months prior to the beginning of the semester in which they plan to enroll.

Non-Resident Freshmen Enrollment Deposit

Once admitted, non-resident freshmen must submit a non-refundable $100 enrollment deposit by June 1 to secure a place in the entering fall semester class. The deposit will be credited toward the student's bill for the fall semester.

Conditional and Final Acceptance

If you're a qualified applicant, a letter of acceptance will be mailed to you once the above items are received and evaluated. Your letter of acceptance will list any conditions under which you are being admitted. If you're a qualified applicant in your last year of high school, or attending another college, your acceptance will be conditional until official transcripts are received that show you have satisfactorily completed the work in progress and, if you're a high school senior, that you have graduated. Your acceptance to UAF is final only when all your credentials have been accepted by the Office of Admissions.

Request to Postpone

Your offer of admission is valid for the semester for which you applied. If you are unable to attend in the semester for which you are admitted, you will need to contact the Office of Admissions to request a later term. If you do not attend elsewhere, you may postpone your enrollment for a maximum of one calendar year.

Immunization Policy

The University of Alaska statewide has immunization and test requirements for students living in high-density housing (i.e. residence halls and single student apartment complexes). These requirements are intended to ensure greater health safety for all resident students. While the university urges all students to be immunized against communicable diseases, immunization and test requirements will be strictly enforced on students living in residence halls and single student apartment complexes.

Mandatory Immunizations and Tests

To be eligible to live in high density student residence facilities (residence halls and single student apartment complexes), all students and other persons born after 1956 must complete, sign and submit a health inventory form to the Center for Health and Counseling showing:

  1. Proof of immunization against or immunity for measles, mumps, rubella (two MMR are required).
  2. Proof of immunization against diphtheria and tetanus (within the past 10 years).
  3. PPD screening for tuberculosis (within the past year). If your screening was positive, you must provide evidence of a negative chest X-ray.

Your registration may be withheld for your second semester until these items are submitted. Additional or expanded immunization and testing may be required if the university community's health and safety warrants it.

Exemption may be granted from immunization requirements based on medical or religious reasons. The chancellor may also grant exemptions to occupants who will occupy student residence facilities for less than a semester. Those exempted from immunization or testing for a disease may be removed from student residence facilities should an outbreak of that disease occur or threaten to occur. Residence Life cannot authorize exceptions to this policy.

See Board of Regents' Policy, Part IX-Student Affairs, Chapter XI-Student Health. For more information contact the Center for Health and Counseling telephone (907) 474-7043, e-mail fyheaco@uaf.edu, or web www.uaf.edu/chc/.