2002-2003 UAF Catalog

Colleges and Schools

Education, School of

Roger Norris-Tull, Dean

The UAF School of Education provides a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs that prepares people for professional education positions. All programs have coursework and fieldwork opportunities that prepare the professional educator for the unique geographic, cultural and linguistic Alaska contexts.

The School of Education provides undergraduate and post-baccalaureate degree programs leading to the State of Alaska "Type A" teaching certificates in elementary and secondary education. These programs are available to students on the Fairbanks campus, and by distance delivery to students in rural areas. The school also offers a master's degree program in guidance and counseling that leads to State of Alaska "Type C" certificate. These programs are designed to respond to recent standards developed by the National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Alaska Teacher, Student and Cultural Standards.

Professional development opportunities at the graduate level include a master's in education (M.Ed.) in three areas: Cross-Cultural Education, Curriculum and Development, and Language and Literacy. State of Alaska endorsements at the post-baccalaureate level are available in four areas: K-12 Reading, Alaska Native Language Education, Bilingual/Multicultural Education, and World Language Education.

UAF School of Education faculty are based on the Fairbanks campus and at UAF's rural campuses including Bristol Bay, Chukchi, Interior-Aleutians, Kuskokwim, and Northwest. The focus of research is on issues of formal and non-formal education directly related to Alaska Native people and communities, cross-cultural contexts, distance education, indigenous populations and rural issues.