2002-2003 UAF Catalog

UAF Expenses

Tuition and Fees

Paying Fees

All fees must be paid by the fee payment deadline published in the semester class schedule. This includes tuition and fees, room rent, meal ticket costs, student activity fees, health fees and deposits. In addition, any charges unpaid at the end of the previous semester are due and must be paid before you can reenroll at the university. If you have a debt with the university and submit an enrollment form and payment for the current semester, you will not be enrolled into your classes and the payment will be applied toward your debt. However, if the current semester payment is paid by check from a source other than the student, the payment will be returned.

Payment Plans

If you're unable to pay all charges at the beginning of the semester, you may apply for a payment plan. Approval is based on your expected receipt of financial aid, other revenue sources, your credit history at UAF, and your academic background, including your GPA and the number of credits you've completed at UAF. Contact the Business Office for applications and information, (907) 474-6170. The university offers the following payment options:

Standard Payment Plan

By the last day of fee payment, 40 percent of all assessed tuition, fees and housing costs is due as a down payment, unless you can document guaranteed financial aid. Guaranteed financial aid consists of those grants or loans applied for at least two months before the start of the semester. Additionally, you must be eligible to receive the aid when it arrives; that is, your status at UAF (grades, admission acceptance or default on previous loans) must not prohibit distribution of the aid. Generally, the balance is due in one to three monthly payments. Proceeds of any financial aid will be used to pay all outstanding obligations when the aid is distributed to you, regardless of the payment plan due dates. A payment plan requires a formal contract between you and the university. A 15-minute interview with a Business Office employee is required. If your request is approved, a $40 processing fee is added at that time. You must bring your approved payment plan application with you and go through the fee payment process with a cashier.

Advanced Payment Plan

You may prepay tuition and fees into an account to be applied to tuition and fees at a later date; contact the Business Office for more information.

First-year, first-time Stafford recipients

Federal regulations require that the institution delay loan release until 30 days after the first day of the student's classes. If your loan is certified by UAF by the first day of fee payment, a payment contract will be available up to the amount of the check. You must still see a cashier. This process does not require a processing fee. If the amount of the loan does not completely cover your charges and you are unable to pay the difference at fee payment, you must follow the standard payment plan process and present your contract to a cashier by the last day of fee payment.

Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver

Alaska residents 60 years of age or older may enroll in UAF credit classes and have tuition waived. Waivers are on a space-available basis. Non-credit, CEU, or self-supporting classes do not charge regular tuition and are therefore not eligible for a waiver.

  1. Payment using a senior citizen tuition waiver is only permitted starting on the first day of instruction for each course and must be completed by the fee payment deadline. No late registration fees are assessed.
  2. To waive tuition, senior citizens must inform the fee payment cashier that they are eligible for a senior citizen waiver. Senior citizens must pay all additional course fees (exception: ASUAF fees may be waived).
  3. The fee payment cashier will verify if there is a waitlist for the course(s). Senior citizen tuition will not be waived when tuition-paying students are on the waitlist. When there is a waitlist, the senior has the option of paying the tuition and fees (paying tuition adds the senior to the waitlist) or dropping the course(s).

Refunds will not be made to senior citizens who have paid for a course.

Employee Tuition Waiver

Employee tuition waivers pay only for tuition. The employee is responsible for all other fees. Tuition waiver forms will not be accepted after the fee payment deadline. Reimbursements will not be made to employees who pay for a course(s) and later become eligible and/or request a waiver.

Consequences of Not Paying

UAF may withhold transcripts, diplomas or grade reports from you if you haven't paid all financial obligations to the institution. If you're delinquent in paying any amount due the university, registration for succeeding semesters may be withheld. Your registration, meal plan and housing contract may be canceled at any time if you fail to meet installment contract payments or financial obligations. If you fully satisfy your financial obligation and are allowed to reenroll, you will be charged a $100 reinstatement fee. The registration process is not complete until you have paid all fees and charges due the university.