2002-2003 UAF Catalog

UAF Expenses

Tuition and Fees

Fees Associated with Registration (per semester unless otherwise indicated)

Fees Associated with Registration

Course Fees (see course descriptions) $ 41-250
Health Fees (beginning at 9 credits)
Health Center Fee 80
Health Insurance Fee approx 250
Residential Fees
Housing Reservation Deposit/Application Fee 225/250
Residence Halls
Double Room/Double Occupancy 1,255-1,335
Single Room 1,570-1,670
Student Apartment Complex (each student) 1,335
Family Student Apartments 565-960/month
Board Plans 1,220- 1,400
Late Add Fee 40-100
Late Payment Fee 40-100
Parking Fee 6/credit to a maximum of 72
Payment Plan Charge 40
ASUAF Student Fee
9 or more credits (Student Recreation Ctr fee) 75
3 or more credits (Student government fee) 30
Technology Fee 5/credit to a maximum of 60

All fees are subject to change.

Definition of Fees

Course Fees

Not all courses have course fees associated with them. Fees for courses range up to $250. See the course description section of the catalog to check the fees for individual courses.

Health Center Fee

All students taking nine or more credits, students living in university housing and students purchasing the student health insurance plan must pay the $80 Health Center fee. Students taking 6 - 8 credits have the option of paying the Health Center fee if they either purchase the student health insurance or provide a waiver stating they have health insurance. A waiver of this fee is available if all of the following requirements are met: the student is not enrolled in any credit hours at the main campus or University Park, the student does not live in university housing and the student is able to waive the student health insurance plan. A Health Center fee waiver form may be obtained from the Center for Health and Counseling and during fee payment at the beginning of the semester.

A brochure describing health center services is available on the second floor of the Health Safety and Security Building. For more information telephone (907) 474-7043 or web www.uaf.edu/chc/.

Health Insurance Fee

All students taking nine or more credits, all students living in university housing, and all students paying the Health Center fee must be covered by a health insurance plan. At the time of fee payment, the student will be charged for the student health insurance plan offered through the university. However, students who are covered by an alternate health insurance plan may waive the student health insurance plan. Students seeking to waive the student health insurance fee must present the Health Insurance Waiver Form before the end of the designated fee payment time (your signed waiver form must include the name of your current insurance carrier). Waiver forms are available at the Center for Health and Counseling as well as at fee payment locations. Students taking 6 - 8 credits have the option of purchasing the student health insurance plan if they also pay the Health Center fee.

The student health insurance fee is approximately $250 per semester or $660 per year. The plan provides basic coverage for accidents and illnesses that are not pre-existing. Pre-existing conditions are covered after 12 months of continuous coverage. Annual coverage is recommended. Questions regarding the student health insurance plan can be directed to the insurance coordinator at the Center for Health and Counseling. Health insurance coverage for spouse and/or dependents is also available. Contact the Health Center for information. Coverage and rates are subject to change on an annual basis.

The international student health insurance plan provides the same benefits as the domestic plan. In addition, it provides coverage for medical evacuation or repatriation of remains. International students are required to purchase health insurance on an annual basis. The cost for F-1 visa international student health insurance is approximately $675 for the year. Students seeking waivers must present evidence (in English) of equivalent coverage to the Office of International Programs. Waivers will not be granted unless requested in advance of the fee payment period. Students with J-1 visas have different health insurance requirements and the cost of the student policy is slightly higher. International students should contact the Office of International Programs upon arrival on the UAF campus. For information telephone (907) 474-5327.

Residential Fees

To apply for housing, send $250 ($25 non-refundable processing fee, $225 refundable reservation/damage deposit) to the Department of Residence Life with your completed application (form on the web).

Room rent and board fees, along with all other fees, are due in full at registration (see Payment of Fees). When registering, each residence hall student is required to purchase a board plan for on-campus meals except for residents of the Cutler Apartment Complex, Wickersham Hall, and graduate students living anywhere on campus. If you don't live on campus, but are interested in purchasing a board plan, contact Food Service telephone (907) 474-6661. For information about Residence Life telephone (907) 474-7247, e-mail fyhsg@uaf.edu, or web www.uaf.edu/reslife/.

Late Add Fee/Late Registration Fee

If you pay fees or add a class after the last day of fee payment, you'll have to pay a late fee of $40 for the first working day, plus $10 for each succeeding working day to a maximum of $100. No late fee will be charged when you change from one section of a course to another, when you have to add another course to replace a canceled course in which you were previously registered, or add a late starting class. This fee is refunded only if all classes for which you've registered are canceled.

Music Course Fees

Fees are charged for the following services or facilities: private instruction (per applied music course), $295 (fee for music major is $150); class instruction (class lesson course), $120 (fee for music major is $60); class instruction (functional piano course), $120 (fee for music major is $60). Music majors carrying less than 12 credits must pay full fees.

Parking Fee

A UAF parking decal is required to park on campus, at University Park, Downtown Center or Attorney's Plaza. The parking fee is $6 per credit hour to a maximum of $72 per semester.

Payment Plan Charge

A processing fee of $40 is added to the total amount due when you're approved for a payment plan. See Paying Fees.

ASUAF Student Government Fee

If you're enrolled in at least three credit hours (including both on- and off-campus courses), you will be charged a $30 per semester student government fee. If you're carrying nine or more credit hours (including both on- and off-campus courses), you will be charged a Student Recreation Center fee of $75 per semester. If you live in university housing, you will be charged both fees for a total of $105 regardless of the number of credit hours you take. If you're taking between three and eight credit hours, you have the option of paying the additional $75 student Recreation Center fee but are not required to do so. You must, however, be enrolled in at least three credit hours (and pay the $30 student government fee) to exercise that option.

The $30 fee supports the activities of ASUAF (student government), which represents student views and concerns to the university administration, the board of regents and the Alaska Legislature. This fee also pays for the publication of the UAF student newspaper the Sun-Star and for KSUA, the student radio station.

Paying the $30 fee also entitles you to ASUAF subsidized services, including a half-hour free attorney consultation, ombudsman consultation, use of Wood Center facilities and participation in student elections. Student rates are also offered for dances, concerts and university-sponsored athletic events. Contact the Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks at (907) 474-7355 for more information.

Technology Fee

All students pay the $5 per credit hour technology fee (to a maximum of $60 per semester).