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Academic Computing

The Rasmuson Library Division of Computing and Communications (C & C) manages campus-wide academic computing as well as library computing, campus networking and UAF administrative systems. The division provides consulting, training seminars, documentation, programming support, web coordination and access to public domain software.

Students, faculty and staff may use UAF academic computing facilities. UAF's primary academic computer, Aurora, is a fast Digital (Compaq) Alpha DS20 with large memory, storage and tape backup. Aurora's software includes a Unix operating system, electronic mail, programming languages (C, C++, FORTRAN, Pascal), and statistical analysis software. Also included are utilities and helper applications. To use the computer Aurora and public lab servers on campus, you must apply for account access. Contact the Computing and Communications Help Desk at (907) 474-6564.

Windows and Macintosh computers are available for use at computer labs in the library and the Bunnell Building. Various academic and research departments on the main campus have both mini- and microcomputers for research and instruction. There are also numerous microcomputer systems available for student use. Check with the school or college for additional information regarding usage fees, available software and hours of operation.

UAF encourages students to bring their own computer. For advice about computer software and hardware standards, and C & C support levels phone (907) 474-6564, e-mail fxhelp@uaf.edu, or web www.uaf.edu/dcc/. Students, staff and faculty may purchase computer systems at educational discount prices from the UA Technology Center at (907) 474-6463, or web www.computersales.uaf.edu/.