2001-2002 UAF Catalog

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Campus Resources: What's Available


The Elmer E. Rasmuson Library is the largest in the state, with more than 1.75 million volumes. Highly qualified and innovative library faculty and staff, together with computer and telecommunication links, help students access information whether in the UAF collections or found through the expanding web of international information resources.

The library also provides extensive reference and instructional services to students. The library information and research course, LS 101, is part of the core curriculum and teaches how to find and use information in a variety of disciplines.

Electronic catalogs give you access to the Rasmuson Library book collections, UA systemwide institutions, and more than 14,000 libraries nationwide. Rasmuson Library's computer network provides access to dozens of periodical indexes with broad coverage in the sciences, humanities and social sciences as well as management and engineering. Additional networked resources include reference tools, full-text articles, specialized sources for arctic and polar information, and indexes to special formats such as government documents and dissertations. Many of these electronic resources are also accessible to UAF students from off-campus computers. Interlibrary loan services provide copies and loans of materials that are not owned by Rasmuson Library.

Special collections include world-class Alaska and Polar Regions collections, covering books, periodicals, archives, manuscripts, historical photographs, oral histories and maps. The Rasmuson Library is a federal documents depository, receiving 55 percent of the materials published by the U.S. Government Printing Office.

The Rasmuson Library Division of Computing and Communications (DCC) is responsible for campus-wide academic computing, library computing, campus networking and UAF administrative systems. This includes e-mail, open-access computer labs, a 24-hour study area, minicomputers used for academic computing and connection of computers to the campus network. The division also maintains UAF's Web site. DCC provides consulting, training seminars, documentation, programming support and access to public domain software to the UAF students, faculty and staff.

The BioSciences Library, in the Arctic Health Research Building on the UAF West Ridge, is a branch of the Rasmuson Library. It has a substantial collection of books and journals, primarily in the fields of (1) biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, neurology, and genetics; (2) physiological, ecological and systematic aspects of botany, entomology, forestry, microbiology, ornithology, soil science and zoology; (3) marine fish biology and fisheries; (4) other aspects of marine biology and ocean sciences except physical oceanography; (5) freshwater biology, ecology and fisheries; and (6) wildlife biology, ecology and management. On-site and remote access to numerous catalogs, indexes and full-text databases are available through the Biosciences Library, as are reference, interlibrary loan and electronic document delivery services.

For Rasmuson Library information phone (907) 474-7224, e-mail fydir@uaf.edu, or web www.uaf.edu/library/. For BioSciences Library information phone (907) 474-7442, e-mail fybmlib@uaf.edu, or web www.uaf.edu/library/collections/biosci/.