2001-2002 UAF Catalog

Degrees and Programs

Earth Science

College of Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Department of Geology and Geophysics
(907) 474-7565

Degree: B.A.

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 130 credits

This program provides broad training in various aspects of earth science. It is especially applicable to those wishing to teach earth science or who are entering a field such as resource management where broad training in earth science is important.

Basic coursework is required in three program areas: geography, geology and mineral engineering. Additional required coursework is arranged in consultation with the individual program heads. Students wishing to enroll in this degree program should contact the head of the geology and geophysics department.

Undergraduate Program


Earth Science -- B.A. Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements. (As part of the core curriculum requirements, complete: CHEM 103X and 104X, or PHYS 103X and 104X).
  2. Complete the B.A. degree requirements.**
  3. Complete 19 credits* from the following program (major) requirements:***
    GEOG 205 -- Elements of Physical Geography (3)
         or GEOG 205X -- Elements of Physical Geography (4) (3-4 credits)
    GEOG 309 -- Cartography (4)
         or GEOG 339 -- Maps and Landscape Analysis (3-4) (3-4 credits)
    GEOG 402 -- Resources and Environment (3 credits)
    GEOS 101X -- The Dynamic Earth (4)
         or GE 261 -- General Geology for Engineers (3) (3-4 credits)
    GEOS 112X -- The History of Earth and Life (4 credits)
    MIN 101 -- Minerals, Man and the Environment (3 credits)
    MIN 103 -- Introduction to Mining Engineering (1 credit)
  4. Complete 10 approved credits* at the 300-level or above with emphasis in geography, geology and geophysics or mineral engineering. Approval will be by the appropriate program head in the field of emphasis.
  5. Complete 12 credits* from the following:****
    BIOL 103X -- Biology and Society (4)
         or BIOL 105X -- Fundamentals of Biology I (4)
         or BIOL 106X -- Fundamentals of Biology II (4) (4 credits)
    BIOL 271 -- Principles of Ecology (4 credits)
    GE 471 -- Remote Sensing for Engineering (3 credits)
    GEOG 301 -- Geographic Field Research Techniques (3 credits)
    GEOG 482W,O -- Geography Seminar (3 credits)
    GEOS 213 -- Mineralogy (4 credits)
    GEOS 214 -- Petrology and Petrography (4 credits)
    GEOS 304 -- Geomorphology (3 credits)
    GEOS 401 -- Invertebrate Paleontology (3 credits)
    GEOS 408 -- Photogeology (2 credits)
    GEOS 422 -- Geoscience Applications of Remote Sensing (3 credits)
    MIN 202 -- Mine Surveying (3 credits)
    NRM 101 -- Natural Resources Conservation and Policy (3 credits)
    NRM 204 -- Public Lands Law and Policy (3 credits)
    NRM 310O -- Agricultural Concepts (3 credits)
    NRM 380W -- Soils and the Environment (3 credits)
    NRM 430 -- Resource Management Planning (3 credits)
    PETE 103 -- Survey of Energy Industries (1 credit)
  6. Complete approved electives.
  7. Minimum credits required (130 credits)

* Student must earn a C grade or better in each course.

** In addition to the 6 credit mathematics core and B.A. degree requirements, complete one semester of computer science approved by major subject emphasis program head.

*** Labs are optional but it is strongly recommended they be taken if offered.

**** Additional courses with advisor approval. These courses may be used to meet degree and minor requirements, however, courses listed for the minor must be in a different field than the major.