Mechanical Engineering

Master's Degree Program

Solve today’s most complex engineering problems and create solutions for tomorrow’s challenges with a mechanical engineering master’s from University of Alaska Fairbanks. Our intensive graduate program provides you with the knowledge and experience to excel in a diverse range of careers in engineering.

When you join UAF’s mechanical engineering master’s program, you’ll be supported by a community of passionate peers, faculty and alumni committed to pushing each other to new levels of greatness every day. Thanks to small class sizes, you’ll also have unique opportunities to work with renowned faculty mentors to learn about the field from the inside out.

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Why Earn Your Mechanical Engineering Master’s at UAF?

There are many reasons why UAF’s program ranks among the best mechanical engineering master’s degrees in the region. As you earn your MS in mechanical engineering, you’ll benefit from research opportunities unique to Alaska, an emphasis on real-world experience, and a remarkable team of mentors.

Cutting-edge research

  • UAF’s mechanical engineering master’s program will give you access to the Alaska Space Grant Program, the UAF Center for Nanosensor Technology, the UAF Automotive Research Center and the UAF Energy Center—where you can push the boundaries of scientific and engineering research using the latest engineering tools and software.

Strong financial support

  • In addition to offering one of the most accessible and affordable mechanical engineering master’s degrees in the region, UAF supports you on your educational journey by offering fully funded teaching assistant and research assistant positions.

Flexible course delivery

  • Whether you’re a working professional or just have a hectic schedule, our mechanical engineering master’s program makes it easy and convenient to earn your master’s degree. We offer hybrid course models so you can take classes in person and online to create the course of study that works for you.

Study cold-climate engineering

  • Make yourself stand out and earn an even higher mechanical engineering master’s salary with a focus on cold climates. Many employers in Alaska prefer mechanical engineering graduates from UAF because of their specialized cold-climate knowledge.


What Can You Do with a Mechanical Engineering Master’s Degree?

Mechanical engineers combine creativity, expertise and analytical thinking to turn ideas into reality. They work in a diverse range of fields, including manufacturing, government, biotechnology, health care, automotives, energy and so much more.

Because we offer one of the top mechanical engineering degrees in the country, our graduates are highly sought after throughout the nation at the most prestigious companies and organizations.  

Students who earn their MS in mechanical engineering can look forward to some of the most exciting and quickly growing careers in engineering, including:

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Automotive engineer
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Business executive
  • Construction engineer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Cold-climate engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Management consultant
  • Production engineer
  • Project lead
  • Process engineer
  • Product designer
  • Quality engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Technology specialist


Mechanical engineering master’s salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for mechanical engineers with a bachelor’s degree is $95,300.

While this is a great starting salary, completing your MS in mechanical engineering will help you earn even more. In fact, earning a master’s degree is #1 on a list of “7 Ways to Make More Money as a Mechanical Engineer” according to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.



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