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**Application deadline extended to February 27th**

Round 1 GTAP Opportunity

Supporting Alaskan coastal communities, particularly in the areas of mariculture, energy, and innovation within those sectors.

Leverage UAF resources to empower Alaska-based organizations in creating compelling and effective federal grant proposals through the utilization of expert grant development and writing services. Elevate the success of grant applications by tapping into professional support for enhanced proposal quality and strategic grant writing.

What is GTAP?

The Alaska Blue Economy Center (ABEC) has partnered with the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) and the Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Commercialization (Center ICE) to offer $125,000 to support up to 20 technical assistance awards to applicants interested in soliciting federal and foundation funding that directly benefits our coastal communities, particularly in the areas of mariculture, energy, and innovation within those sectors. In order to offer this service in Alaska, ABEC has retained the services of Grant Management Associates (GMA). GMA has recently surpassed $1 billion in awards for their clients and has over 90% success rate with the grant applications they prepare. You can learn more about GMA on their website.

All applicants to GTAP will receive 1 hour of initial consulting with GMA to answer specific applicant questions, review the grant opportunity(ies) that the applicant is considering, or to discuss grant and organizational readiness and next steps. Applicants who are selected for funding will receive additional support from 15 to 100 hours as allocated by the selection committee.

Why do we need this?

Alaska organizations face chronic under-resourcing, restricting their capacity to tap into essential federal funding and resources. This program is specifically tailored to empower Alaska's small organizations, enhancing their competitiveness in acquiring and securing resources. By doing so, we aim to foster thriving organizations and contribute to the development of an innovative ecosystem for the benefit of Alaskans.

How will we do this?

Our objective is to offer readily available resources for seamless proposal development support. The application process has been crafted to be straightforward, ensuring simplicity, while the review process is streamlined for expedited evaluations. You are required to participate in one of two topical webinars to qualify. Additional details are provided below.

Who is eligible for this assistance?

GTAP Round 1 will be focused on applicants interested in soliciting federal and foundation funding that directly benefits our coastal communities, particularly in the areas of mariculture, energy, and innovation within those sectors. Any organization based in Alaska is eligible if they are seeking grant support for a particular federal or foundation opportunity and/or need help identifying and applying to a federal or foundation funding opportunity.

When is it available?

GTAP workshops will be offered Tuesday Jan 16, 9AM-12PM and Friday Jan 19, 1-4PM. At least one member of each applying team must participate in one of those workshops in order to qualify for GTAP support. Recordings will be made available on the ABEC website following each session.

GTAP applications can submit their proposals between Monday, January 22nd and Tuesday, February 20th (Extended to February 27th). ABEC will inform applicants whether or not they have been selected for an award by Monday, March 4th. At that time, grant support services will be immediately made available for awardees.

All grant support awarded as GMA support services must be used by July 15th, 2024.Have more questions about the GTAP program?

If we enroll in the program, are we eligible to submit more than one project concept for GTAP consideration by the Feb. deadline? Can more than one concept proceed for a single organization?

Yes, you can have more than one concept for your TA application. What you end up submitting in terms of grant applications may be different. The purpose of the TA application is merely to see if you have the makings for at least one successful project.

What is the GTAP Collaborations project about, and why would I want to use it?

Partnering is an important part of many grant applications, and can really enhance your application in many ways. It can be time consuming to try to find the right partners for what you need. In this context, a partner could be a university, a nonprofit organization, a private business that offers equipment, services or products that you might need for your project, land or office / warehouse space, or a contract manufacturer who can build your widget for you. The GTAP Collaboration project is intended to help you make your needs known or make your offering available to others in the community. In some cases, it may make sense to apply to a grant together with another applicant who is thinking of applying to the same grant rather than competing against each other.

The GTAP Collaborations project is for any individual or organization interested in collaborating with others on a grant application or project to identify themselves and make themselves available for contact by others. In this project, you will be able to identify yourself and your organization, what project(s) you have in mind (if any), what grant(s) you are considering (if any), or if you are a vendor or service provider, what services or products you can offer to contribute toward the project. You are free to disclose as little or as much information as you are comfortable sharing. Collaborators are not limited to the Alaskan coastal area or to the mariculture / energy sectors, but should be able to contribute to a project within those sectors and within those geographic areas. For example, IT providers, construction companies, and land / building owners could collaborate on any kind of project in an Alaskan geographic area. There may be detail in each listing that does not show in the columns, so be sure to click on a task to view its detail pane.

You need to be invited into the GTAP Collaborations project to view all the entries in it, but you don't need to be invited in order to add yourself or your organization to it, all you need is a link to the input form.

So, please feel free to share this link with anyone who you think might want to be a resource for GTAP applicants.  

For those who were unable to attend either of our GTAP info workshops, please watch parts 1&2 of the linked videos, below. At least one team member submitting an application must watch the video before applying: 

Live Workshops

January 16, 2024

January 19, 2024