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At the UAF School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, we challenge our students to explore academically, geographically and culturally. We are a community of scholars that provide opportunities for students to learn and conduct research in some of the most beautiful and pristine locations in the world.

Faculty Focus

At first glance, Gabe Dunham’s background seems eclectic—an aptitude for mechanics, experience in commercial fishing, and college degrees in business and resource economics—but these diverse elements weave together to give Gabe a strong foundation in his position as a Marine Advisory Program (MAP) agent based in Dillingham.  Read Gabe's full profile

Research Spotlight
Research gives insight into historic walrus population dynamics

Hormones stored in ancient bones are revealing how Pacific walrus populations react to environmental change.

Alaska’s oceans have already experienced changes in temperature, sea ice range and acidity driven by increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations. In an ecosystem that continues to change, scientists can look into the past to learn about the factors affecting walrus populations, and predict how walruses might respond to climate change in the coming years.

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Climate Change Spotlight
International climate change study focuses on risks to fisheries

Melting sea ice, ocean acidification and warming temperatures are among many risks that are currently threatening arctic and subarctic marine environments. For coastal community residents living on the edge of a changing ocean ecosystem, it is hard to predict which aspects of environmental change will most affect arctic and subarctic fisheries. 

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