Emil Usibelli Awards

The Emil Usibelli Distinguished Teaching, Research and Public Service Awards have been presented annually to three faculty members each year since 1992.  These three $10,000 awards go to individuals who display extraordinary excellence in teaching, research and public service—the areas representing the tripartite mission of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  Individuals receiving the awards will be exemplary in their contributions to the discovery, communication and use of knowledge.


Emil Usibelli

One of Alaska’s pioneers, Emil Usibelli came to Alaska in 1935 to work in the Evans Jones Coal Mine near Palmer.  He eventually started a logging operation in Suntrana to supply timbers for Healy area mines.  In 1943, he began supplying coal to the newly constructed Ladd Field (now Ft. Wainwright) in Fairbanks, becoming the second coal mine operating in the Healy area.  In 1948 he incorporated Usibelli Coal Mine.  Emil Usibelli died in a mining accident in March 1964 and his son, Joe, took over as president.

Who is Eligible for the Emil Usibelli Awards?

All full- and part-time faculty with at least five years of service at UAF.

How to submit nominations:

  • All members of the university community—faculty, staff, students and the public—are encouraged to submit nominations.
  • Nominations will take the form of a one-page memorandum, highlighting the experience of the nominee in teaching, research or public service. Please choose which of the three areas you are nominating the candidate for (teaching, research, or public service) and provide rationale for the nominee's qualifications and the nature of the distinguished activity.
  • Please send nomination to the Office of the Provost, 311 Signers’ Hall (PO Box 757580, Fairbanks, AK 99775); via fax to 474-1836; or electronically to jahoppough@alaska.edu


Nominations will be evaluated by a committee which includes members from the faculty, the UAF student body, and a member of the University of Alaska Foundation Board of Trustees.  The criteria used in judging effectiveness are taken from the UAF Faculty Appointment and Evaluations Policies and Regulations for the Evaluation of Faculty.  Contact the Office of the Provost for a copy.

Please contact Jennifer Hoppough at 474-7096 or jahoppough@alaska.edu for more information.


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