Dorm Room Security


Lock Your Room!!

*Each and EVERY time you leave

*Take your key with you EVERYWHERE- wear a fashionable key band - even to the shower!

*Don't loan out your keys

*Dorm Room keys can't talk...You will never know who they have been with or what they have been up to if you share them

*Make your dorm room like a home, but secure it like a hotel

*Letting everyone have access to your room and your stuff because you left it unlocked is just a bad idea


UAF is not an Island- if you haven't noticed!

We have thousands of visitors come through campus

How many of those do you know and trust?


-Like everyone. Trust no one.-


Shiny Things Security


Phones, iPads, Notebooks, and Laptops:


*Install Locator Apps* *Use Passcodes*

*Make Shiny things hard to "Re-Gift" - ENGRAVE THEM*

*Suspend your account immediately if phone is missing*

*Phones take a second to lose and hours at the store to replace*

*From Memory- try to write down every contact in your phone- you'll be going through this exercise again if it gets lost or stolen*

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