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Graphic Identity in Business Communications

Memo from the Vice Chancellor

TO: UAF Deans, Directors and Department Heads
FROM: Jake Poole, Vice Chancellor, University Advancement and Community Engagement
DATE: June 27, 2005
SUBJECT: Graphic Identity in Business Communications

As outlined in an April 19, 2005, memo from Chancellor Jones regarding institutional identity, UAF has embarked on a campaign to strengthen our brand recognition. We have heard from many units who are proactively addressing the need to bring their graphic look in line with the university's overall image, and for this I thank them.

The next step in strengthening the cohesive look of the UAF brand is in the use of letterhead, envelopes and business cards. Any communication that represents the university including those used for recruiting, news, special events and advertising must use the primary identifiers of the university's full name and logo. These identifiers must always appear prominently. UAF has a variety of styles of letterhead and business card templates from which to choose at Additional information about UAF's graphic standards can be found at

UAF strongly discourages the use of additional logos as they dilute the image of the university. When a secondary logo is necessary, it may not be used separately from UAF's primary identifiers. Letterhead, envelope and business card designs that differ from the templates must be reviewed by Marketing and Communications, via e-mail at or fax at (907) 474-6283, Attn: design review. Procurement & Contract Services and Printing Services will not process orders for items which include variations from UAF graphics standards without written approval from Marketing and Communications.

In the interest of conservation, units may continue to use the outdated material until it is gone. It is important to begin the process for placing an order now for new letterhead that fits within UAF's graphic standards.

Thank you in advance for your continued efforts to strengthen UAF's image within the university and among our many partners and supporters.