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Current Conditions

10/6  3 inches snow


TrailsTrail Type

Distance in km


 Tracks Set

Lighted Loops    

Staduim Trail

Skate/Double Classic.27 10/8 
Potato FieldSkate/Single Classic.69  10/8 
Learning Area    
T-Field RoadSkate/Double Classic1.29  10/8 
Midnight Express Loop                               Skate/Single Classic                   1.77  10/8 
T-FieldSkate/Double Classic1.35  10/8 
T-Field Smith Lake ConnectorSkate/Single Classic.66  
T-Field Smith Lake ConnectorClassic1.05  
Smith LakeSkate/Double Classic1.13  
Estle ConnectorSkate/Single Classic1.16 10/9 
Karl Reishus TrailSkate/Single Classic1.05 10/9 
Skarland Trail (N of BallaineL)Skate/Single Classic1.93 10/9 

Skarland Trail (S of BallaineL)

Skate/Single Classic1.29 10/9 
Skarland-Estle to LARSClassic1.21  
Viereck TrailSkate/Single Classic.48  10/8 
Beaver Slide TrailClassic.73  
Baseline TrailClassic1.29  
Turn Around TrailClassic.48  

T-Field to Beaver Slide

Big Whizzy LoopSkate/Single Classic2.57  10/8 
SRC TrailSkate/Single Classic1.01  
Walking Trails    
T-Field RoadWalking1.29  
T-Field to LARSWalking.71  
Tanana Loop to Farmers LoopWalking.68  
Smith LakeWalking.68  
Culter apt loopWalking   
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