Process Improvement

Administrative & Support Review Outcomes

One of the goals of the Administrative Support Review Committee was to identify common processes to streamline that would improve overall administrative effectiveness. Achieving and documenting measurable cost savings and service improvements is key to the success of these project improvement efforts.

UAF made efforts in FY12 to institutionalize campus-wide process improvement (PI) efforts by creating the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which is the "home" to UAF PI. However, improvement is best driven by the process owners and those that are experts in the work or understand the business needs.

OMB has adopted a facilitator model that integrates process workflow mapping with implementation planning. Eleven staff members have gone through extensive training to become qualified process improvement facilitators and are guiding these project teams, with more efforts on the horizon.

Process Improvement Facilitators

PIT CREW: Process Improvement & Training Crew

The facilitators utilize a Dynamic Planning™ framework developed by Professional Growth Systems (PGS). For more information regarding this PGS methodology:
  • Mike Cox, Facilities Services
  • Libby Eddy, Registrar
  • Faye Gallant, Office of Management & Budget (OMB)
  • Margo Griffith, Human Resources
  • Jennifer Harris, School of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences
  • Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard, Auxiliary & Contract Services
  • Ashley Munro, Financial Aid
  • Jeremy Nicoll, IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE)
  • Julie Queen, OMB
  • Kris Racina, AVC Student Services
  • Dave Read, Geophysical Institute

To reach the PIT Crew, email:

Process Improvement Steering Committee

Support from UAF & the UA System

The steering committee provides high-level guidance for the process improvement initiatives and will assist as needed in the event that policy, regulation and information system issues need to be addressed in order to improve UAF administrative processes.

  • Pat Pitney, Vice Chancellor Administrative Services
  • Kris Racina, Associate VC University & Student Advancement
  • Raaj Kurapati, Associate VC Financial Services
  • Nettie Labelle-Hamer, Associate VC Research
  • Karl Kowalski, Chief Information Technology Officer
  • Steve Mullins, OIT Project Management
  • Myron Dosch, UA SW Controller (Grant Setup)
  • Michelle Rizk, UA SW Budget & Planning (Recruitment)
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