Permit Location

University-issued special and temporary permits must be placed on the passenger-side of the dashboard and the entire permit must be plainly visible from outside the vehicle. Permits may be purchased at Parking Services in Room 114 in the Facilities Services Building. Permits are non-refundable and expire the earlier of the date on the permit, or one (1) calendar year after issue, whichever comes first.

Authorized and Official Parking Permits (A/O)

  1. Departmental A/O Parking Permit
    1. The on-campus Shuttle buses run on a continuous basis as posted. When use of the Shuttle bus system will not meet the need, a department may request a permit that allows faculty or staff, while conducting University business away from their office, to park for not more than 2 hours in an "Authorized & Official Vehicle Parking Only" space. The Permit does not allow parking in "Physical Plant Vehicles Only" spaces. The permit must be clearly visible on the passenger side vehicle dashboard.
    2. Due to the limited number of Authorized/Official Vehicle spaces, only one permit is issued to each unit business office. Vehicles displaying this permit must have a current UAF decal. Department heads must approve requests for A/O permits.
    3. Facilities Services official vehicles are permitted to park in both the A/O spaces and Physical Plant spaces.
    4. Parking in an A/O space while a person is at their normally assigned work location is strictly prohibited.
    5. Use of an A/O permit for personal business, classes, lunch, or personal errands is strictly prohibited.
    6. Vehicles parked in excess of the 2-hour time limit will be cited.
    7. Abuse of this privilege may result in revocation of the permit.
  2. Service Contractors/Vendors A/O Parking
    1. Service contractors and vendors whose vehicles clearly identify the business and while conducting business for the University may park in the Authorized and Official Vehicles Only (A/O) spaces — not Physical Plant spaces.
    2. Sales personnel may not use A/O parking spaces.

Temporary Parking Permits

  1. Temporary permits may be purchased for a single day, a short specified period (30 days or less), or a series of days as necessary to accommodate a guest of the University, a member of the public serving on a University committee, or other special need. The permit allows the holder to park in "Decal-Required" lots. The permit must be clearly displayed in the lower right hand corner of the windshield/dashboard area of the vehicle, or in the case of a day pass - hanging from the rear view mirror.
    1. Visitors, not otherwise affiliated with the University may park with valid permits in lots designated as "Visitor Only" or "Decal Or Visitor" or "Decal Required". Visitors must have a valid permit during working hours (M-F, 8-5p). 
    2. Frequent Users: Departments that expect frequent guests or visitors should order temporary parking permits in advance to avoid unnecessary ticketing of our University guests.
    3. Volunteers: (SeeSection I, A, 7, a. & b. Long-term and short-term volunteers)
  2. Employees & Students:
    1. Temporary permits may be issued while an employee or student is awaiting DMV license plates or resolution of vehicle transfer decal problems.
    2. Other requests for a Temporary Permit will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Parking Services Manager.
  3. Vehicle Temporarily Out of Service or Unavailable:
    1. Occasionally, a decal holder's vehicle may be unavailable due to repairs, visitors, other family member's need, etc. Decal holders may contact Parking Services for a temporary permit for use with a dealer courtesy car, rental or another private vehicle. The permit provides the same privileges and restrictions as the original decal.
    2. When a second private vehicle is needed for more than 30 calendar days, the decal holder will be required to purchase an MCU permit, or a replacement decal for a nominal fee.

Emeriti and Honorary Permits

  1. UAF is grateful for the dedicated service provided by our Emeriti Professors. UAF Emeriti Professors are eligible to receive an Emeritus Permit. The permit will allow the professor's vehicle to park in Decal Required Lots, Authorized/Official Spaces and metered lots; however, meters must be paid. Emeriti Permits are currently issued with a one year expiration period. Use of an Emeritus permit by UAF employees or students is not permitted and may result in revocation of parking privileges.
  2. Holders of UAF Honorary Degrees may be eligible for an Honorary Degree Parking Permit. An Honorary Degree Parking permit will allow the holder to park in the UAF Decal Required Lots, Authorized/Official Spaces. Additionally Honorary Degree Parking permit holders may park in a metered parking space without paying the meter. Honorary Degree parking permits are currently issued with a one year expiration period.

Student Recreation Center (SRC) Permits for Non-University Personnel

This permit is for non-university affiliated SRC users only, and may be used to park in the Patty Center or Nenana lots. The permit must be prominently and fully displayed on the dashboard, passenger side of the vehicle. These permits may be purchased, with proof of SRC membership, (SRC contract) in Room 114 in the Facilities Services Building.

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