"Faculty Development is both a comprehensive term that covers a wide range of activities ultimately designed to improve student learning, and a less broad term that describes a purposeful attempt to help faculty improve their competence as teachers and scholars."

(Eble & McKeachie, 1985)

The Office of Faculty Development located at 222 Bunnell Building provides professional development opportunities for all faculty at UAF in the areas of teaching, learning, and scholarship. Assistance with teaching, mentoring, promotion & tenure, grant writing, scholarly writing, teaching observations, and instructional technology (through the Office of Information Technology) are some of our programs. We bring national speakers and trainers to campus, conduct training, and maintain a collection of resource materials on these topics, both in the office and at the Rasmuson Library. Regular learning opportunities, panel discussions, and seminars will be held throughout the year for faculty. Although these are mainly designed for new faculty, they are open to all faculty, and can be audio-conferenced to the rural campuses if requested.

The Office is a welcoming place with a table and chairs for relaxation, tea and coffee; a TV/DVD and large screen; and other resources. Faculty are welcome to schedule meetings or brown-bag lunches in the office. There are a variety of teaching & learning resources available for check-out. (See under Resources).

The director of the Office is Dr. Joy Morrison (907.474.5055) or jfmorrison@alaska.edu

The Office is a welcoming space, offering tea/coffee, DVD and screen.

Guest Lecture by Libby Roderick of UAA

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