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>Free testing of pressure canner dial gauges will be available at the Anchorage Outreach Center on June 28 and July 19 from 12-3 p.m. It is important to have pressure canner dial gauges checked annually to ensure home canned food is safely processed. Pressure canners with weighted gauges do not need to be checked. For more information, call 786-6300.

>Extension will host a certified food protection manager workshop via videoconference August 1 in Fairbanks, Palmer, Sitka, Juneau, Valdez and Delta Junction. If you are in another location but would like to attend, that can be arranged. The deadline to register is July 18 so participants may receive class materials and locations for the food safety class beforehand. State regulations require that all food establishments have at least one certified food protection manager on staff. See details here and register online.

>Learn more about 4-H and how you can participate in the 4-H program at an open house for youth and adults in Anchorage on June 26. For more information on the open house or the 4-H program, view the flier or call Heidi Sheldon at 786-6345.

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