At the inaugural meeting of the AIS Working Group, five subcommittees were formed to act on needs that attendees identified. In preparation for the October meeting, the subcommittees will work to accomplish tasks, and to coordinate the use of resources & activities to optimize invasive species management. Leadership and membership of the subcommittees will be determined via teleconference meetings of the Alaska Invasive Species Working Group.



  • Increase communication of subcommittees.
  • Identify critical species
  • Conduct educational outreach
  • Provide a conduit for citizens

Management Needs


  • Assess agency programs, priorities, funding, issues and needs
  • Develop rapid response plans
  • Share existing Best Management Practices, Standard Operating Procedures, and Mitigations
  • Survey existing risk assessment systems

Research Needs

Goals: Address the research needs for Invasive species management in Alaska. General considerations include the need to...

  • Apply research to all taxa
  • Identify data gaps
  • Adopt methodology of CNIPM
  • Identify/contact expertise in scientific/management communities
  • Secure Available funding for research

Data Management & Clearinghouse

Goal: to work with other subcommittees and independently to coordinate and compile useful 
information for invasive species concerns in Alaska. Distribution of information will occur via listserv, emails, documents, and web site.

Marine Group

Goal: coordination on aquatic Invasive Species concerns in Alaska. Meets will occur monthly via

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