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Minutes from the AISWG and subcommittees

Meetings are announced over the listserv, and are open to all who choose to call in.

For more information, and to receive information on scheduled meetings, contact us or check out the calendar of events.

LOOK OUT FOR European green crab

Final draft of the green crab poster. Please distribute widely!

Teleconferences by AISWG

AISWG January 11, 2008
AISWG February 28, 2008
AISWG March 26, 2008
AISWG April 30, 2008
AISWG June 6, 2008
AISWG June 30, 2008

Marine Subcommittee

Marine Subcommittee January, 2008
Marine Subcommittee February 28, 2008
Marine Subcommittee March 27, 2008
Marine Subcommittee April 29, 2008
Marine Subcommittee May 28, 2008
Marine Subcommittee July 9, 2008
Marine Subcommittee October 8, 2008

   Tunicate Monitoring teleconferences

Tunicate Monitoring January 28, 2008
Tunicate Monitoring January 28, 2008 Additional Documents Documents from Chela Zabin, SERC, including tunicate monitoring protocol, identification guide, etc.
Tunicate Monitoring February 19, 2008
Tunicate Monitoring April 1, 2008
Tunicate Monitoring April 22, 2008
Tunicate Monitoring May 29, 2008

Green Crab Monitoring teleconferences

Green Crab Monitoring January 29, 2008
Green Crab Monitoring February 22, 2008
Green Crab Monitoring April 18, 2008
Green Crab Monitoring May 23, 2008

Compiled Minutes

Minutes for each year combined into one document, with table of contents. To download the minutes individually by month, visit the links above.

Proceedings from In-Person Meetings

AISWG Meeting Summary April, 2006
AISWG May 1st, 2007; Anchorage Meeting Recap

Click heading for more: November 13, 2007 Alaska Invasive Species Conference Proceedings

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