Alaskan Growers School Course Outline

Advanced Alaskan Growers School

Part 1: From a Garden to a Farm

Lesson 11: Sustainable farming in Alaska

Lesson 12: Tools of the trade

Lesson 13: Managing a greenhouse and controlled environments

Part 2: Mini-Livestock Series- From Bees to Birds to Buffalo

Lesson 14: Basic beekeeping

Lesson 15: Raising poultry

Lesson 16: Home on the range. Raising livestock

Part 3: Preservation and Value Added

Lesson 17: From the forest to the marketplace. How to market non-timber forest products.

Lesson 18: Preserving Alaska's Bounty

Part 4: Whole farm planning

Lesson 19: Whole farm and business planning

Lesson 20: Marketing your business

Lesson 21: Needs and resources

Lesson 22: Developing an action plan plus record keeping

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