Radon Testing

Extension offers both short- and long-term radon testing kits for purchase for your personal use. The number of kits you will need depends on the size of your house.

Short-term tests remain in your home from two to 90 days. Long-term tests remain in your home for more than 90 days. If you need results quickly, such as during the inspection of a pending home sale, a short-term test followed by a second short-term test may be useful. A long-term test will give you a reading that is more likely to tell you your home's year-round average radon level than a short-term test.

To purchase either type of kit, please visit any Extension District office or call 877-520-5211.

The video below explains what radon is, how it gets into your home, if you are at risk for exposure, how to test for radon and what steps to take to mitigate radon if it is detected in your home. It shows how to manage radon in an existing home and what steps to take to prevent radon problems when building a new home. The video is also available on a DVD, available for $5. 

Who to Contact

Your local Extension office should have radon testing kits in stock that come with information on how to go about testing your home.

Short-term kits cost $30 and long-term kits cost $25. 

For more information on radon in Alaska, please contact:

Energy & Housing Program

Art Nash, alnashjr@alaska.edu, 907-474-6366

What to Read

Radon Publications: Browse our Extension publications on radon in our publications catalog online.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also offers information on radon testing and mitigation. www.epa.gov/radon/

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