Julie Riley, Fairbanks
Phone: 907-474-2423
Phil Kaspari, Delta Junction
Phone: 907-895-4215
Meriam Karlsson, SNRE Ag/Hort Department Chair
Phone: 907-474-7005
Heidi Rader, Tanana Chiefs Conference
Phone: 907-452-8251

Darren Snyder, Juneau
Phone: 907-523-3280 ext. 2
Casey Matney, Kenai Peninsula
Phone: 907-262-5824
Janice Chumley, Kenai Peninsula
Phone: 907-262-5824
Stephen Brown, Palmer
Phone: 907-745-3639
Agriculture in the Far North

Agriculture and Horticulture in Alaska is distinct. Growers, farmers and gardeners must contend with unpredictably short growing seasons, yearly infestations of various insects, long daylight hours and even the occasional mid-season frost. While consumers may have a difficult time finding informed advice from the “outside,” local Extension Agriculture and Horticulture Agents and Specialists are highly-trained professionals who experience the same challenges as residents.

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