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For information on studying in Spanish-speaking countries, see Study Abroad; on compulsory placement tests, see Course Placement; on "bonus credit", see Alternative Ways to Earn Credit.

SPAN 075 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
SPAN 076

Conversational Spanish I and II (3+0)
An introductory course for students who wish to acquire the ability to speak Spanish. Students first learn to understand simple spoken language, then to speak simple Spanish developing a beginning level of communicative competence in the language. (Prerequisite: SPAN 075 for 076.)

SPAN 100A (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants

Beginning Spanish I and II (3+0) h
An introductory course in the Spanish language and culture with an emphasis on spoken and written language. After completion of SPAN 100A and 100B the student will be able to continue on to SPAN 102. Note: Both SPAN 100A and SPAN 100B must be taken to equal one semester of the foreign language core requirement.

SPAN 101 (5 Credits) Fall
SPAN 102

Elementary Spanish I and II (5+0) h
Introduction to the language and culture: development of competence and performance in the language through understanding, recognition and use of linguistic structures; increasing emphasis on listening comprehension and speaking; basic vocabulary of approximately 1000 words; exploration of the cultural dimension, implicitly through language and explicitly through texts and audiovisual materials. Laboratory fee: $25.00. (Prerequisite for SPAN 102: SPAN 101 or SPAN 100A and 100B or the equivalent.)

SPAN 201 (3 Credits) Fall
SPAN 202

Intermediate Spanish I and II (3+0) h
Continuation of SPAN 102. Increasing emphasis on reading ability and cultural material. Conducted in Spanish. Laboratory fee: $25.00. (Prerequisite: SPAN 102 or equivalent.)

SPAN 301O (3 Credits) Fall

Advanced Spanish (3+0) h
Discussions and essays on more difficult subjects or texts. Translations, stylistic exercises, and special grammatical problems. Conducted in Spanish. Laboratory fee: $25.00. (Prerequisite: SPAN 202 or equivalent or instructor permission.)

SPAN 431O (3 Credits) Fall
Studies in the Culture of the Spanish Speaking World (3+0) h
Study of the cultures of the Spanish speaking world. Conducted in Spanish. Students may repeat course for credit if topic varies. Laboratory fee: $25.00. (Prerequisites: SPAN 302 or equivalent; junior standing or permission of instructor.)

SPAN 432W (3 Credits) Spring
Studies of Literature in Spanish (3+0) h
Intensive study of authors, literary texts, movements, genres, themes and/or critical approaches. Conducted in Spanish. Student may repeat course for credit when topics vary. Laboratory fee: $25.00. (Prerequisites: SPAN 302 or equivalent and at least junior standing or permission of instructor.)

SPAN 482 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Selected Topics in Spanish (3+0) h
Intensive course focusing on topics not covered in SPAN 431O or SPAN 432. Course may be repeated for credit if topic varies. Laboratory fee: $25.00. (Prerequisites: SPAN 302 or equivalent; junior standing, or permission of instructor.)

SPAN 488 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Individual Study: Senior Project h
Designed for the student to demonstrate ability with the language and the culture through the analysis and presentation, in Spanish, of a problem chosen by the student in consultation with the department. The student must apply for senior project and submit a project outline by the end of the 6th week of the semester preceding the semester of graduation. Offered normally in the semester preceding the student's graduation. Conducted in Spanish. Laboratory fee: $25.00. (Prerequisite: At least 10 credits in upper division Spanish or permission of instructor.)

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