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1998-99 UAF Catalog

Degrees and Programs


Interdisciplinary Program

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Degree: B.T.

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 120 credits

This program offers qualified applicants the opportunity to expand upon their technical education. The B.T. degree allows students to choose business or interdisciplinary studies.

Business enhances managerial/entrepreneurial skills. Interdisciplinary studies allows the exceptional student to tailor a baccalaureate program to their unique needs. Information and advising for this degree is through the Academic Advising Center.

Undergraduate Program


Technology -- B.T. Degree

1. Complete the general university requirements.
2. Complete the B.T. degree requirements.
3. Complete the following:

ENGL 314W,O/2 -- Technical Writing (3 credits)
MATH at the 100-level or above (3 credits)
TTCH 301 -- Technology and Society (3 credits)
Computer competency (3 credits)
4. Complete 1 of the following specialization options:*
a. Complete the following:**
ACCT 161 -- Accounting Concepts and Uses I (3 credits)
ACCT 262 -- Accounting Concepts and Uses II (3 credits)
BA 151 -- Introduction to Business (3 credits)
BA 307 -- Personnel Management (3 credits)
BA 325 -- Financial Management (3 credits)
BA 330 -- The Legal Environment of Business (4 credits)
BA 343 -- Principles of Marketing (3 credits)
ECON 200 -- Principles of Economics (4 credits)
STAT 200 -- Elementary Probability and Statistics (3 credits)
Specialty Electives (3 credits)
(Advisor approved upper division internship or advanced technical experience.)
b. Interdisciplinary***
5. Complete 30 credits at UAF in the area of specialization (either completed in residence or accepted by transfer as equivalent to specific UAF courses).
6. Complete 1 of the following to demonstrate competence in an applied or technical field:
a. An associate of applied science degree from an accredited institution of higher education.
b. Substitute 1 of the following as a demonstration of competency in an applied or technical field with the approval of the Curricular Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate:
* A.A.S. or similar degree earned at a nonaccredited institution.
* State or federal certification deemed appropriate by the faculty.
* Journeyman status in trades and industry.
7. Minimum credits required (120 credits)
* Student must earn a "C" grade or better in each course.

** No more than 25% of total coursework may be taken in the School of Management.

*** See "Interdisciplinary Studies" in the Degrees and Programs section.

Notes: At least 39 credits must be 300-level or above.

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