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Geological Engineering

College of Engineering and Mines
Department of Mining and Geological Engineering
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B.S., M.S. Degree

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 134 credits

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The mission of the geological engineering program is to advance and disseminate knowledge related to mineral and energy exploration, evaluation, development and production; engineering site selection, construction and construction material production; and groundwater and geo-environmental engineering including geologic hazards assessment, through creative teaching, research and public service with an emphasis on Alaska, the North and its diverse peoples.

Geological engineering deals with the application of geology. Geological engineers work with the environment in the true sense of the word. Properties of earth materials exploration activities, geophysical and geochemical prospecting, site investigations and engineering geology are all phases of geological engineering.

The program prepares students for employment with industry, consulting companies and government agencies.

The educational objectives of the geological engineering program are:

  1. To graduate students who are competent engineers and who are prepared for employment in one of the following professional areas: mineral and energy exploration, evaluation, development, and production; geotechnical engineering; ground water engineering; or geo-environmental engineering.
  2. To graduate students who are prepared to solve problems germane to Alaska, the North, and its diverse peoples.
  3. To graduate students who are prepared for graduate studies at the masters or doctoral level.
  4. To advance and disseminate knowledge through competent faculty: who teach and mentor students, conduct creative research relevant to the needs of Alaska and are engaged in public service to enhance the lives of the diverse peoples of the North.

For more information about the Geological Engineering Program mission, goals and educational objectives, visit www.uaf.edu/sme/ge_mission.html.

MajorMajor--B.S. Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the B.S. degree requirements.
  3. Complete the following program (major) requirements:*
    CHEM 105X--General Chemistry**--4 credits
    CHEM 106X--General Chemistry**--4 credits
    ES 201--Computer Techniques--3 credits
    ES 208--Mechanics--4 credits
    ES 331--Mechanics of Materials--3 credits
    ES 341--Fluid Mechanics--4 credits
    GE 101--Introduction to Geological Engineering--1 credits
    GE 261--General Geology for Engineers--3 credits
    GE 365--Geological Materials Engineering--3 credits
    GE 375--Principles of Engineering Geology and Terrain Analysis--3 credits
    GE 381W--Field Methods and Applied Design I--2 credits
    GE 382W--Field Methods and Applied Design II--4 credits
    GE 405--Exploration Geophysics--3 credits
    GE 420--Subsurface Hydrology--3 credits
    GE 471--Remote Sensing for Engineering--3 credits
    GE 480W--Senior Design--3 credits
    GEOS 213--Mineralogy--4 credits
    GEOS 214--Petrology and Petrography--4 credits
    GEOS 322--Stratigraphy and Sedimentation--4 credits
    GEOS 332     ore Deposits and Structure--3 credits
    MATH 200X--Calculus**--4 credits
    MATH 201X--Calculus**--4 credits
    MATH 202X--Calculus**--4 credits
    MATH 302--Differential Equations--3 credits
    MIN 202--Mine Surveying--3 credits
    MIN 370--Rock Mechanics--3 credits
    MIN 408O--Mineral Valuation and Economics--3 credits
    PHYS 211X--General Physics**--4 credits
    PHYS 212X--General Physics**--4 credits
    STAT 200X--Elementary Probability and Statistics--3 credits
    Technical electives***--6 credits
  4. Minimum credits required--134 credits

* Student must earn a C grade or better in each ES, GE, GEOS, MIN and technical elective courses.
** Satisfies core or B.S. degree requirements but not both.
*** Technical elective credits must contain engineering design and be selected by the student from a list of approved technical electives from the geological engineering program in conference with his or her advisor and approved by the department.
Note: Candidates for the B.S. degree in geological engineering are required to take a proficiency exam at the end of their sophomore year. They must also take a comprehensive exit exam in their general field before graduation (as well as the state of Alaska Fundamentals of Engineering examination). Fundamentals of Engineering examination is a first step toward registration as professional engineers.
Note: Students may initiate their geological engineering program in Anchorage and transfer to Fairbanks upon completion of the freshman and sophomore years. Students intending to transfer to UAF should communicate with a faculty member of the UAF mining and geological engineering department.

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