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Developmental Studies

DEVS 052      3 Credits
Reading Enhancement
Intensive instruction in reading designed to increase vocabulary and comprehension skills necessary for successful reading in the content areas of college courses. (3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

DEVS 058      1-3 Credits
Reading Skills
Course emphasis is on improving reading comprehension using texts and other materials. Focus is on paragraph structure to recognize main idea, supporting details and author's purpose. Study techniques for recognizing new vocabulary. Small groups allow individually designed course of instruction to meet the needs of the students. Open entry/open exit. May be repeated. (Prerequisite: Placement level COMPASS Reading <70, ASSET Reading <38, ACT <17, SAT <860 or permission of the instructor.) (1-3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

DEVS 065      1 Credit
Spelling Improvement
A diagnostic/prescriptive approach for improving spelling skills. (1 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

DEVS 066      1 Credit
Vocabulary Development
Designed to increase vocabulary substantially and to provide tools for further vocabulary growth. (1 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

DEVS 100      4 Credits
Introduction to Science
Introduction to skills needed to succeed in core science courses. Topics include scientific terminology, scientific mathematical notation, and the fundamentals of chemistry, physics and biology. Includes basic scientific lab techniques and the skills needed to learn scientific material. (Prerequisites: Elementary algebra and college reading level.) (3 + 3) Offered Fall, Spring

DEVS 101      3 Credits
Skills for College and Career Success
A diverse menu of study skills for the student entering the college environment. Skills include active listening, effective reading, taking usable notes, test taking, communication, time and money management. Students learn personal development skills that assist in addressing intrusive issues that impact the learning process, increasing self-esteem, and relating these skills to the classroom and later to a career. Class sessions offer diverse learning experiences. (3 + 0) Offered Fall, Spring

DEVS 102      1-3 Credits
Introduction to Distance Education
A diverse menu of study skills for the student entering the distant learning college environment. Skills include: active listening, effective reading, taking usable notes, test preparation and test taking strategies, communication, and the use of technology as a study resource —all in the distance learning context. Additionally, personal development elements such as time management, working with university representatives, and accessing local resources will provide skills to maximize the learning experience and address the intrusive issues that impact the learning process. (1-3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

DEVS 104      1-3 Credits
University Communications
Introduces the unique methods of communication required at the college level. May link with selected lecture courses. May be repeated. (1-3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

DEVS 105      3 Credits
Intensive Reading Development
Develops vocabulary, reading strategies, speed and comprehension needed to read, understand and retain information in college textbooks and the skills to write, in essay form, about material read.  (Prerequisite: Placement level COMPASS Reading 70-80, ASSET Reading 38-43, ACT 17-21, SAT 860-990 or permission of the instructor.) (3 + 0) Offered Fall, Spring

DEVS 106      1 Credit
Speed Reading
Introduction to newest speed reading techniques. Development of flexible reading rates and increased comprehension and vocabulary skills. Application of techniques to study, professional and leisure reading. (1 + 0) Offered Fall, Spring

DEVS 107      3 Credits
Reader-Writer Workshop
A reader-writer workshop to develop fluency in reading and writing skills for persons whose first language is not English. Intensive speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. (Prerequisites: Placement by examination or student decision.) (3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

DEVS 108      1 Credit
Study Skills Lab
Improvement of study skills in areas of greatest need on an individual or small group basis in the lab or other workshop or individualized format. Topics include time and stress management, listening/note taking, library research and memory. Course may be repeated for credit when content varies. (1 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

DEVS 110      1 Credit
College Success Skills
An introduction and overview of the diverse skills, strategies and resources available to ensure success in the college experience. Topics include study skills, time management, career planning, stress management, communication skills, test taking and personal development skills. (1 + 0) Offered Fall, Spring

DEVS 150      1 Credit
Life Work Planning
Planning for a satisfying career choice based on realistic assessment of self, accurate knowledge of the world of work and experience with ways to activate career plans. Enables students to evaluate potential careers and to make educational and job search plans. (1 + 0) Offered Fall, Spring

DEVS 160      1 Credit
The Resume: Key to Success
Use the resume writing process to develop job seeking skills: locating the hidden market; researching job potential; learning to fill out effective applications; designing and printing a custom resume; assembling a portfolio; and developing effective interview skills. DEVS 150 recommended but not required. (1 + 0) Offered Fall, Spring

DEVS 185      3 Credits
Straight Thinking
A study of inductive, deductive and seductive thinking, and skill building to recognize and use all three. Critical thinking skills to analyze newspaper, magazine and spoken arguments. Political speeches and other media presentations examined. Effective and convincing presentation of one's own ideas including formal and informal logic. (3 + 0) Offered As Demand Warrants

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