2004-2005 UAF Catalog  

Japanese Studies

College of Liberal Arts
Interdisciplinary Program

B.A. Degree

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 120 credits

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This program provides an in-depth study of Japanese language and culture aimed at applying linguistic skills and cultural insights to specific career opportunities.

Japanese is classified among the most difficult of foreign languages for American students. The highlight of the major is, therefore, one semester of intensive study in Japan during the junior or senior year. This interdisciplinary program culminates in a senior seminar on contemporary Japan. Students will begin their research project for the seminar while studying at our exchange university, Nagoya Gakuin, or at another pre-approved program. Students are encouraged to use this major in conjunction with a discipline-based major.

Major—B.A. Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the B.A. degree requirements.
  3. Complete the following program (major) requirements:*

    GEOG 311W—Geography of Asia (3)
    or PS 321—International Politics (3)
    or PS 464W—East Asian Governments and Politics (3) 3 credits

    HIST 122—East Asian Civilization (3)
    or HIST 331—Modern Japan (3) 3 credits

    JPN 301—Advanced Japanese** (3) and

    JPN 302O—Advanced Japanese** (3)
    or JPN 431—Studies in Japanese Culture (3) and

    JPN 432—Studies in Japanese Language (3)
    or equivalent in Japan (6) 6 credits

    JPN 331W—Women’s Voices in Japanese Literature (3)
    or JPN 332—Japanese Cultural Traditions and Arts (3) 3 credits

    JPN 397—Advanced language study in Japan (12)
    or JPN 497—Advanced language study in Japan (12) 12 credits

    JPN 475—Seminar on Contemporary Japan 3 credits
  4. Complete 1 career concentration area:*** 6 credits
  5. Minimum credits required 120

* Student must earn a C grade or better in each course.
** These courses are offered in the Japanese language. Students may study in Japan during their junior year, as long as they complete a minimum of 18 credits of Japanese language at the upper division level to fulfill the Japanese studies core requirements. 15 credits of language may be taken in Japan, and at least three upper division language credits must be taken in residence at UAF.
*** Complete 2 additional courses (minimum 6 within or closely related to the minor discipline at the upper division level. Because Japanese Studies is an interdisciplinary program, students are required to select a minor within a specific discipline. For example, general business minor with two additional courses in marketing. Written approval of advisor required.
Note: Students planning a double major for a single B.A. may double count a maximum of 9 credits from the major requirements toward a second major. Students earning two degrees (BA/BBA) are not subject to double counting restrictions.

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