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The University of Alaska Fairbanks police are committed to creating an environment at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in which teaching, research and public service may flourish.

The UAF Police Department serves to protect life and property, to prevent and deter crime, to detect criminal activity and apprehend offenders, to assist those in danger, those who cannot care for themselves and those in need of assistance, to protect individual constitutional rights, and to facilitate the safe movement of people and vehicles on campus.

The UAF Fire Department provides fire, emergency medical service (EMS) and rescue services to the UAF campus as well as the University Fire District, which encompasses a five-mile radius around the campus. The fire and EMS district is served on a contract basis to approximately 22,000 people.

The emergency telephone for both police and fire is 911.

For more information, contact the UAF Police Department telephone or (907) 474-7721 or web www.uaf.edu/police/. Contact the UAF Fire Department telephone (907) 474-6303 or web www.safetyservices.uaf.edu/fire.htm.

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