Quaternary Science is the multi-disciplinary study of geological, biological, climatological and human systems of the past two million years (the Quaternary Period), and the evolution of these systems into present conditions on Earth. The Alaska Quaternary Center (AQC) is committed to the promotion of interdisciplinary research and the enhancement of interdisciplinary instruction in Quaternary sciences.


Alaska Stable Isotope Facility is hosting two fantastic talks of significant Quaternary interest :

Tuesday March 6th from 1:30 pm; 401 New Engineering Building (BP Design Theater)
Dr. Josh Miller and Abby Kelly University of Cincinnati
  • There and back again: Strontium isotopes provide insight into landscape use and migration of mammoths, mastodons, caribou, and other adventurers
  • Eastern Beringian bison diet and paleoecology over the last 50,000 years
Wednesday March 7th from 1:30 pm, 401 New Engineering Building (BP Design Theater)
Dr. Larisa DeSantis from Vanderbilt University
  • Clarifying Mammalian Responses to Climate Change and Megafaunal Extinctions during the Pleistocene


David and Rachel Hopkins Fellowship:   We have three new Hopkins awardees!  Check out the Hopkins pages for this year's winners.

Fundraising for AQC:  We are beginning fundraising efforts to reinstate our speaker series.  See Visiting Speakers  and Past Speakers for previous visitors.  More information on fundraising to follow.



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